BMW 524TD TurboDiesel E28 Turbo Diesel 524 TD, ULTRA RARE & Fantastic Condition!

  • Condition: Used
  • Make: BMW
  • Model: 5-Series
  • SubModel: 524TD
  • Type: 4 door sedan
  • Trim: 524TD
  • Year: 1985
  • Mileage: 143,000
  • VIN: WBADB2404F0530589
  • Color: Alpine White
  • Engine size: 2.4L 6 cylinder Turbo Diesel
  • Number of cylinders: 6
  • Power options: Power Mirrors, Air Conditioning, Cruise Control, Power Locks, Power Windows
  • Fuel: Diesel
  • Transmission: Automatic 4sp
  • Drive type: RWD
  • Interior color: Blue
  • Options: Cassette Player, Sunroof
  • Vehicle Title: Clear
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1985 BMW 5-Series 524TD Description


Ultra rare BMW for you diesel lovers out there. Superb condition, e28 5-series with a 2.4L 6cyl TurboDiesel engine. New interior, pristine dash, and mechanical injection pump conversion are just some of the highlights. I've owned this car for 3 years and it was very solid to start with, which is why I could not resist buying it.

Highlights: Official Canadian spec 524TD. This car has spent its life in virtually snow-free lower mainland British Columbia. US and Canadian cars were identical except for some decals and the km/h only speedo (Note: a US spec 524TD IP cluster in MPH is included with the sale). Only about 150 of these were imported into Canada, roughly 3000 into the US. Of special note is the exemplary, as new, condition of the dash. Finding any e28 without a cracked dash these days is near impossible.

Work performed since I purchased it


  • Injection pump 100% rebuilt - inspected, ultrasonically cleaned and resealed with new o-rings
  • Injection pump converted to 100% mechanical control - see expanded details below
  • Injector nozzles
  • Timing belt
  • Intake manifold removed and completely decarbonized
  • Hydraulic engine motor mounts
  • Transmission mounts
  • Rear sub frame bushings
  • Glow Plugs
  • Glow plug control module
  • Engine bay cleaned and detailed


  • Seats reupholstered
  • Door panels
  • Rear parcel shelf
  • SI board bypass
  • Original BMW radio/cassette player with security code
  • Floor mat set
  • Lockstrips surrounding windshield and rear glass
  • Door weatherstrips
  • Sunroof seals
  • Power antenna
  • Excellent Goodyear tires
  • Base/clear respray preformed with every single piece of trim removed - I mean everything!
In General:
  • 143,000 miles / 230,000 km
  • BC Collector plate approved (validation of excellent condition and factory stock requirements)
  • Superb presentation and condition


All 524TDs imported into the US and Canada had a troublesome ECU controlled injection pump. Yes, the injection timing on the 524TD was controlled by a computer module - Argh! The ECU interference rendered these pumps tuning unfriendly and unreliable. The computer would interfere with timing or go into default "limp mode" if any of the sensors were either defective or timing signals were off, not to mention the annoying check engine "Injection" light. What's worst, these ECU system components are no longer available. Be aware of this Achilles heal if you are looking at other 524TDs! Very unfortunate, because this Bosch pump is virtually identical to the VE VW/Audi/Volvo pumps of the era and even the 1st gen Dodge Cummins pump.

The Cat's Meow: during the pump rebuild, it was converted over to a traditional mechanical timing system - as it should have been in the first place, IMHO! Brand new electro-mechanical KSB components were installed and the internal pressure of the pump calibrated accordingly for proper timing advance. When engine is cold, below about 27C/80F, a temp sensor activates the KSB to advance timing for a few minutes. These engines were also used in the Lincoln Mark VII's and Continentals with factory mechanical fuel injection, so essentially, this conversion replicates that.

The pump is now 100% mechanically controlled and works as traditional, reliable, Bosch VE units of the era. It can now be adjusted for optimum fuel efficiency and power. If desired, you can now also tweak and perform any and all adjustments that are well documented by the VW and Cummins crowd (and Euro 524TDs) as per your personal preference.

More importantly, this also means, that if ever needed, any diesel shop can diagnosis and repair it as easily as other traditional old-school diesels. Just try taking a regular ECU controlled 524TD for repair and even a BMW dealer does not want to touch it!

NOTE: Even though the pump was converted to mechanical operation, all the sensors and wiring were left completely intact to preserve factory stock appearance. Nothing was torn out - though, if desired, these redundant components can be removed for a cleaner look. All the sensors, ECU, etc., are still in the car and functional (though, obviously the ECU connection to the pump is now redundant). It could be converted back to ECU control (though I can't imagine why anyone ever would!) and if that's the route you want to go, I will explain what needs to be done.

This car has NEVER had biodiesel or SVO run in it. However, with the now traditional mechanical injection pump, such a conversion is now a practical option as folks have been doing for years.

I had intended to do a Euro bumper conversion at some point, so even the bodywork under the US style bumpers is superb and ready.

This is a wonderful car for a BMW and/or diesel enthusiast owner who truly understands and appreciates the scope of the mechanical pump conversion, crack free dash, new interior, its rarity, appreciating value and much more.

There are a few minor, laughable really, issues for a vehicle of this age: The a/c was blowing somewhat cold when I bought it, but now likely needs a recharge. I just didn't get around to fixing the cruise control because it's something I never use. When the weatherstripping was replaced last month with an almost new-like set, the doors now need a wee firmer push than before to close, however, this will resolve itself once the summer heat softens and sets in the newer rubber.

Extras included: A spare US spec 524TD instrument cluster that reads in MPH.A brand new, unused, custom made set of floor mats. Some very useful documentation and manuals I've collected over the years on a USB for reference.

Shipping is the responsibly of the buyer, but I'll do my best to assist. Car is located 15 minutes from the US/Canada border beside Blaine, WA on the Canadian side. Can bring the car to or across the border, if desired, when all paperwork is in order.Being over 25 years old, it can be imported into the USA very easily without any issues.

Now to get the obligatory legal stuff out of the way, I must point out:I am not a car dealer, this is my personal vehicle.Sale is final, as is, with no warranties expressed or implied.No one has a crystal ball and if any issues develop or be discovered after the sale, buyer is 100% responsible. It is a 32 year old vehicle after all! I will happily answer any questions via email or phone (Harry: 778-835-8686) and have done my best to express the condition with over 100 photos and description. Buyer is 100% responsible for inspecting the vehicle prior to bidding. By placing a bid you acknowledge that you have read and understand and agree to the terms of this listing.

Keep in mind, this car was owned by an enthusiast and it deserves to be enjoyed by an enthusiast. I am only selling it because of a massive lifestyle shift in circumstances that has occurred; hence a very low reserve. I had intended to keep it forever.The amount of work done and the attention to detail reflect that.

To paraphrase the BMW spin department, this is the Ultimate Diesel Driving Machine . . . (of the 80s!)

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