1967 Chevrolet Corvette UnRestored Convertible, Radio delete, orignial motor

  • Condition: Used
  • Make: Chevrolet
  • Model: Corvette
  • Type: Convertible
  • Trim: Base Convertible 2-Door
  • Year: 1967
  • Mileage: 45,000
  • VIN: 194677S107327
  • Color: Maroon
  • Engine size: 427 ci, 435 hp
  • Number of cylinders: 8
  • Fuel: Gasoline
  • Transmission: Manual 4-Speed
  • Drive type: U/K
  • Interior color: Black
  • Options: Convertible
  • Vehicle Title: Clear
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1967 Chevrolet Corvette Description

1967 Unrestored 427 / 435hp

Corvette Maroon / Black Convertible

NCRS 5-Star Bowtie, Duntov, Bloomington Bench-Mark, Triple-Crown

Summary and Highlights

You are reviewing a spectacular, original motor, and complete drivetrain, all numbers matching, 1967 Convertible, 427ci / 435 hp Corvette in its original paint and trim combination of Marlboro Maroon exterior paint and Black Vinyl interior. This Corvette came from the factory with 10 Factory Options. This Corvette also comes with its absolutely original GM VIN tag and GM Trim tag. See "By the Numbers," "Numbers Matching Original Engine," " Numbers Matching Original Transmission and Numbers Matching Original Rear End," and "Documentation" below for more information. PLEASE READ THIS ENTIRE AD BEFORE ASKING QUESTIONS. Some highlights are:

100 % original & unrestored unhit body

100% Unhit body & 100% original exterior paint.

100% Original interior, including Original Black interior carpet, both front & back.

Original Black dash pads and seat belts, seats, door panels, and sun shades.

Completely original Engine Compartment

Original High performance 427ci 435hp engine

Original Muncie M21 4-Speed transmission

Original 3.70:1 Positraction Rear End.

All gauges, lights and accessories work. See below for the complete list and details.

T-3 Headlamps, Trico wiper arms with new blades, correct jack and jack handle.

This unrestored corvette is so original and spectacular, that it has won both major Corvette awards possible, for unrestored corvettes, The NCRS 5-Star Bowtie award, and the Bloomington Gold BenchMark award. Please see the awards section, listed below.

This rare 1967 Maroon Corvette Convertible was built in St. Louis, Missouri on January 4, 1967. This corvette was purchased new from Luby Chevrole, in Denver, Colorado on January 12th, 1967. This Maroon427 / 435hp Corvette is an exceptionally original corvette that was originally owned by Richard Getz, of Bighton, Colorado, for about 22 years ( from January, 1967 until about January, 1989 ). A Corvette enthusiast from Louisville, Kentucky (Paul P.) purchased this corvette in February, 2002. To the best of my knowledge, the car has had 6 to 7 owners ( mostly collectors ), including myself, during its 48 + year history.

This corvette has a gorgeous unhit original body and factory original paint, and a completely rust-free frame. The engine is completely original and all numbers matching with its high performance 427ci 435 hp big block V8, Muncie 4 Speed transmission, and 3.70:1 Positraction rear end. Over the years, this car has been nicely maintained in it's original condition.

This is a Corvette that is enjoyable to drive or show on any occasion. The big block V8 with the Muncie 4 Speed is the perfect combination for someone who plans to use the car on nice weekends for shows, club events or pure driving pleasure, not to mention the investment value. This car runs perfectly and will go anywhere. This car also performs the way a high performance big block Corvette should perform…..straight and strong to redline, brakes perfectly, and smooth at any speed.

By The Numbers

The original GM VIN plate and original GM Trim Plate on all 1967 Corvettes is affixed to the birdcage just below the glove box. The VIN Tag and Trim tag on this corvette are absolutely original to this corvette. They have been closely examined by at least a dozen different NCRS master judges, and both tags were determined to be original to this corvette. The VIN Tag number and Body Plate are decoded as follows:

VIN Tag #194677S107327

First digit 1 Chevrolet Division of General Motors

Second and third digits 94 Corvette

Fourth and fifth digits 67 2 Door Convertible

Sixth digit 7 1967 Model Year

Seventh digit S St. Louis, Missouri Manufacturing Plant

Last six digits 107327 Production Number. This is car # 7,327 of the 22,940 built in 1967.

Trim Tag (various codes indicating Style, Trim, Body, Paint and Build Date)

Style 67 467 1967 Model Year, Convertible (467)

Trim STD Black Vinyl Interior

Body S4260 Body Manufactured in St. Louis, Mo. by GM Corporation

( all 1967 big block corvettes were manufactured in St. Louis )

Paint 988AA Maroon Maroon exterior paint

Build Date F04 Body Built January 4, 1967

Numbers Matching Original Engine

This Corvette has the original and correct, matching numbers, 427cid/435hp high performance big block V8 as denoted by the 6 digits of the engine code. These digits match exactly with the last six digits on the VIN tag discussed above. The engine pad on this Corvette is as it should be and the stamping is absolutely original and authentic. Here are the numbers:

Engine Number # 7107327 T1221JE

First digit 7 1967 Model Year

Next six digits 107327 Production # 7,327 of 22,940

First letter T Engine assembled in Tonawanda, NY

Next four characters 1221 December 12, 1967 Engine Assembly Date

Last two letters JE Engine suffix code JE = 427ci/435 hp with 4 speed trans

(6,500 rpm redline tachometer)

Engine Block Casting # 3904351

This casting number is correct for most 1967 big block engines.

Engine Block Casting Date # I 12 6

Engine block casting date codes begin with the letter "A" for January, "B" for February, and so on through "L" for December. The letter "I" represents the month of September. This first letter is followed by a digit, or digits, representing the day of the month ("1" through "31") followed by a single digit designating the last digit of the calendar year.

I 12 6 = September 12, 1966

Big block engines were assembled at Tonawanda, New York. The engine in this car was cast on September 12th, 1966 and later assembled on December 21st, 1967 (see Engine Number above). Final assembly of the car was completed on or about January 4, 1967.

Numbers Matching Original Transmission and Rear End

Both the transmission and rear end on this corvette are also both original to, and correct for this car. Here are the numbers:

Transmission, M-21, Muncie 4-speed

This corvette has the original Muncie 4-speed M21 transmission, #3885010. The transmission is the original transmission that came with this corvette. The vin derrative on the transmission matches the vin number of this corvette, 7107327. The date stamp on the transmission is P7M22, which translates into December 22n, 1966, which also corresponds to the production schedule date of this corvette.

Rear End 3871375, # FA 12 29 66

The rear end on this car is original to the corvette. The first two letters "FA" represent an optional axle ratio of 3:70:1 with Positraction Rear Axle. The remaining digits, 12 29 66, represent a manufacture date of December 29th, 1966. Corvette rear ends did not have a VIN stamping and can only be matched to the car based on the date and originality of the rear end. In this case, the match is as good as it gets.

Some additional numbers on this car are as follows:

Alternator Delco Remy #1100696, 37 amp, 6 M 7, December 7, 1966

Bell Housing 3899621 Aluminum construction, 11" clutch

Carburetor 3) Holley 2-Barrel carbs: 3659 6A3, 3660 6A4, 3659 6A4

3rd and 4th week of November, 1966

Cylinder Heads #3904391

Coil Delco Remy # 1115263

Distributor Delco Remy # 1111258

Exterior Glass LOF Safety Plate, windshield CA ( November, 1966 ) drivers win CA ( Nov. 66) driver vent CA ( Nov. 66) pass win TA ( Aug 66 ), pass vent CA ( Nov. 66) )

Engine Block #3904351, 4-bolt main, I 22 6, ( dated September 22, 1966 )

Exhaust Manifolds #3880827 LH and # 3880828 RH

Horns #9000487 LH and #9000488 RH

Horn Relay #1115837 made by Delco Remy

Intake Manifold #3894374 made by Winters, all aluminum construction, square port

Master Cylinder #5455209 made by Delco Moraine, stamped DC

Radiator #3008567 made by Harrison

Rear End FA 12 29 66, 3.70:1 ( dated December 12th, 1966 )

Rear Window "LF" ( dated December, 1966 )

Starter #1107365 made by Delco Remy 6 L 21 ( November 21, 1966 )

Transmission Maincase #3885010, P7M22 ( December 22, 1966 ), vin # 7107327

Voltage Regulator #1111515, 6L ( dated November, 1966 )

Water Pump #3856284, made by GM

This corvette came from GM with the following 10 options:

A01 Soft Ray Tinted Glass, all windows ( 1 of 11,331 )

C07BA Hardtop Only ( soft top delete ) ( 1 of 895 )

F41 Special Heavy Duty Suspension ( 1 of 2,178 )

G81 Positraction Rear Axle 3.70:1 ( 1 of 2,235 )

K66 Transistor Ignition ( 1 of 3,759 )

L71AA 435 horsepower 427 cubic inch engine ( 1 of 3,754 )

M21 4-Speed Manual CL Transmission (Muncie) ( 1 of 7,789 )

N11 Off Road Exhaust system ( 1 of 2,326 )

QB1AA Redline tires 7.75 - 15" ( 1 of 4,230 )

xxx Radio delete ( 1 of 747 )

STD Interior Black Vinyl Trim ( 1 of less than 11,500 )

988AA Exterior Marlboro Maroon body color ( 1 of 3,464 )

19467 Corvette convertible body ( 1 of 14,436 )

Based on the above listed options and production quantities, this corvette is One of less than 5, 1967 corvette convertibles manufactured with Marlboro Maroon exterior paint, with Radio Delete, with the hardtop only option, with the L71, 427 / 435 hp engine. And how many of those are still in this condition?


The paint on this car is both original and awsome, as it should be. The exterior paint has the correct sheen, luster, and patina, while the door jambs and body jambs have the correct satin finish. This corvette retains all of its original GM weatherstriping on the hood, both doors, and the decklid. The front and rear bumpers, door handles, and all exterior chrome and stainless are all original to this corvette, and the chrome finish on the bumpers is in unrestored original conditon. The window glass in this corvette is all correctly dated to this corvette's 1967 production schedule. The outside mirror is the original mirror to this corvette, and it appears to be perfect. The windshield wiper arms and wiper blades are of Trico manufacture, as they should be, and they are in perfect condition. The original T3 headlights look awsome in this corvette, and none of the parking lights or rear light lens are blemished or cracked. The black rocker panels, with aluminum accent trim are also in overall exceptional condition. This corvette originally came from GM with the Kelsey Hayes original wheels with center caps, and trim rings, and this original appearance is still maintained on this corvette, not to mention the red-line original style dot tires ( 5 ).


The interior of this corvette is in overall pristine condition. The original black vinyl seat covers and seat foam are original to this corvette and they appear as nearly mint. Of the 22,940 corvettes produced in 1967, about 50% of these corvettes had the standard black vinyl interior trim package. All carpeting, both front and rear, is the original carpeting. The black dash pads, seat backs, sunshades, and seat belts, are original to this corvette, and they are in excellent + condition. The gauges are all original and they appear as original and perfect condition. The steering wheel has no cracks, and the 3 spokes have the correct brushed metal appearance. The interior rear view mirror is the original mirror, and it is also in excellent condition. The glove box area is also in original condition. The glovebox also contains the correct components: key envelope with extra set of keys, pop booklet, original owners manual and owners manual bag, radio instruction sheet, amd hardtop wrench. The original black seat belts are original and functional on this corvette, and they are both original to this corvette, and in pristine condition. The console and armrest both appear in el minto condition. The original 1967 corvette jack and lug wrench are included in the rear storage area, behind the front seats. The original jack, and lug wrench are in perfect condition, along with the double rear storage area. The sill plates are unrestored original sill plates, with the correct configuration.


The frame of this corvette is in as original unrestored preserved condition, as it should be. The frame, A-arms, trailing arms, dust shields, and front & rear suspension bars are all in excellent preserved condition. The frame shows no evidence of any repairs or replaced frame sections, and the frame is overall in original and unrestored conditon. The A-arms and control arms, both upper and lower, are the original A-arms to this corvette, and all four appear to be in original condition, with no evidence of any type of damage or misuse. The front splash shields are in place and they are also in original condition. Both headlight motors are original to this corevette, and correctly dated. The Delco master cylinder, # 5455209 is the correct Delco part number, along with the Delco master cylinder and cap. The original dual off road exhaust system, including mufflers are fully functional, and they appear in unrestored original condition, as they are of GM manufacture. The transmission in this corvette is the original 1967 transmission to this corvette, dated P7M22, December 22, 1966. This transmission is the original Muncie M21 4-speed close ratio transmission ( 7107327 ), with the original corvette 4-speed shifter. The rear end in this corvette is the both the original and correct rear end to this corvette. Stamped on the rear end is "FA 12 29 66". That determines that this rear end was built on December 29, 1966, and that the rear end ratio is 3.70:1. The rear half shafts are in original condition, as are the rear strut rods, rear sway bar, F41 rear spring, and spindle supports. The optional F41 heavy duty shocks, 3171489, dated 10 A 6 ( 1st week of October, 1966 ) on this corvette are both original & correct to this corvette.


The engine block on this corvette has the original and correct casting number and casting date for this corvette. The casting number is 3904351, and the casting date is I 12 6 ( September 12, 1966 ). The numbers on the engine pad are 7107327 and T1221JE. The vin stamp, 7107327, indicates a 1967 corvette and the last 6 digits of this corvette's serial number, 107327. The assembly stamp, T1212JE indicates that the engine was assembled at the Tonawanda, New York plant on December 21, 1966, and the engine is a 435 hp with 4-speed transmission, and 3 x 2 barrel carburators. The engine and engine compartment are original, and the complete engine and engine compartment are original and unrestored. The heads are the correct 3904391 double hump cylinder heads, and also the orange painted metal valve covers are the original big block valve covers, with drippers. The Winters aluminum intake manifold, # 3894374, is also original, and it has no cracks or repairs. The 3) 2-barrel carburators are Holley 2-barrel carburators #3659, # 3660, and # 3659, all with the correct date codes of 6A3, and 6A4. 6A3 is the 3rd week of November, 1966, and 6A4 is the 4th week of November 1966. The air cleaner is also an original and it is unrestored in appearance. The exhaust manifolds are also both correct... # 3880827 and # 3880828. The Delco Remy distributor and Delco Remy Coil are also correct, # 1111258 and # 1115263 coil. The distributor also has the original Delco Remy distributor cap, with no R. The vacuum advance ( 201 ) is also correct, along with the dated AC unbraided spark plug wires. The fuel pump is the correct AC # 6440482. The water pump is the correct # 3856284, and it is dated correctly for this corvette. The radiator is the correct original radiator, # 3008567. The radiator cap is also the original RC-15 radiator cap, made by AC Delco. All of the rubber hoses and fan belts are the period correct components and the clamps are also the correctly dated clamps. The alternator is the original # 1100696, and it is also dated correctly, 6 M 7 ( December 7, 1966 ). The voltage regulator is the correct # 1119515, and it is dated correctly 6L ( November, 1966 ). The horn relay is also the correct part # 1115837. The windshield wiper and washer assembly is completely original, and it looks and operates perfectly. Even the oil plug, on the oil pan, is the original part... with the capital A inside of a triangle.


As of this writing, everything works on this car. I don’t mean I think it works, I mean it really works.

Here’s the list of items just checked recently:

Ease of Start - the engine starts with just a single turn of the key and one pump of the gas pedal.

Horns - both blow correctly, loud and clear, with both the high tone and low tone.

HeadLights – The low beams and high beams both function as designed. These T3 original headlamps look great and the headlight buckets both rotate smoothly and correctly, with no stuttering or delays, to the fully open or closed positions.

Parking Lights - The 4) parking lights work correctly, both the front and the rear.

License and Tail Lights - both work correctly

Brake lights – perfect.

Back up lights – perfect.

Turn Signals & Hazard warning - all flashers function correctly, and turn signals cancel properly.

Windshield wipers and washer – wipers function at both low and high speed, the washer squirts water as it should.

All other lights – interior lights, gauge lights. high beam, turn signal, and brake indicator lights. All checked and working.

Gauges – every single gauge, Speedometer, Tachometer, fuel, ammeter, temperature, oil pressure, work correctly.

Radio – oh yeal . . . what radio?

Clock – Works great.

Heater, Defroster, & Fan – blows outside air, or hot air, in either direction, and the fan works fine at all 3 speeds

Cigarette lighter – works properly, pops out when ready.

Odometer reset - reset works correctly in either direction.

Seats - both the passenger and driver seats adjust correctly, and both seat backs lock into position.

Seat Belts - both the passenger and driver original seat belts operate correctly, both latching and adjustable.

Side Windows - both side windows open and close completely and smoothly, without binding or interference.

Vent Windows - both vent windows open and close completely and smoothly, without binding or excessive force.

Locks - The ignition key works as designed. Both compartment doors and the glove box door also lock and unlock properly.

Doors & Hood - the doors open easily & they close properly and securely. The hood totally closes and it releases correctly.


Bloomington Gold Survivor award June, 1990 4/4 100%

NCRS Chapter Top Flight award Banner Elk, NC September, 2001 96.9%

NCRS Chapter Top Flight award Cincinnati, Ohio September, 2001 98.0%.

NCRS Regional Top Flight award Orlando, Florida January, 2002 98.5%

Bloomington Gold Survivor award, June, 2002 4/4 100%

Bloomington Gold Gold Certified, June, 2002 97.0 %

Bloomington Gold Benchmark award, June, 2002

Chevy VetteFest Triple Crown award, November, 2002

NCRS Performance Verification award, St Louis Mo May, 2003

NCRS Regional Top Flight award Orlando, Florida January, 2004 98.3%

NCRS National Top Flight award Windsor, Canada July, 2004 98.4%

NCRS Duntov award, Windsor, Canada July, 2004

NCRS 4-Star Bowtie award Windsor, Canada July, 2004

NCRS 5-Star Bowtie award Marlborough, Mass July, 2007

At these judging events, it was also verified that both the GM Vin tag and the GM trim tag are both original and correct to this rare corvette. At all of these judging events, it was verified that the engine is correct and original to this corvette.

This corvette is one of less than 10 427/435hp corvettes to have achieved the NCRS 5-star Bowtie award, in the last 10 years, as of July 2005.


This corvette has the original Owner Protection Plan, POP, from GM, which indicates the selling dealer, Luby Chevrolet in Denver Colorado, to the original owner, Richard Getz. The copy of the original Colorado Certificate of Title is also included. Complete owner history is included from the original owner to the current owner. An original owner affidavid and maintenance schedule is included which states how, where, when, and what options were included with this corvette, and a brief history and maintenance record of the first 22 years of this corvette, while the original owner owned this corvette. A color picture from 1989 is included which shows this corvette, with the original owners, when it was purchased by Corvette Mike. There are also multiple pictures included taken of the chassis, mechanical area, and interior, showing the complete originality of this corvette. All awards are included with this corvette.

At this level, this corvette is a $ 275,000 to $ 300,000 car, given its unrestored originality, options, unhit original body and original numbers matching drive train. This car runs great…starts with one turn of the key…..brakes perfectly….idles smoothly…..runs strong and hard to redline……straight as an arrow and steady at any speed…..and everything works.

Contact and Payment Information

Please give me a call with questions on this car. I enjoy the car hobby and I am more than happy to answer any questions. I will also help arrange for an inspection and work with your shipper to get the car loaded for transport. It’s fairly stressful buying a 48 year old car. I would strongly recommend coming to see the car in person, or hiring a competent inspector to examine any corvette purchase. It is better to invest $500 than make a $ 300,000 + or more mistake, and you will feel great when the transport driver pulls up to your neighborhood and you know exactly what’s rolling off the back of his truck.

The car will be available for inspection. You can also travel to Louisville, Kentucky to see the car. If you’re not satisfied with your purchase, you can pass on the car, and I’ll return your down payment and re-list the corvette. Your travel expenses, however, are your own and I will not consider any reimbursement for your travel to see the car. Also, once you have it shipped to your location, it’s yours to keep. The car has been represented accurately in this ad and not too many people are willing to give the above terms.

Call Paul. Cell is 502-648-4059 or 502-244-4400. Leave a message, if necessary, and I’ll call back asap. The car is located in Louisville, Kentucky and I will only accept cash or wire transfer, at time of pickup, cashier’s check, or certified check for payment. I have a clear title to the vehicle.