1926 Chrysler 3 window coupe 331 blown hemi 671 no rat

  • Condition: Used
  • Make: Chrysler
  • Model: Coupe
  • SubModel: 3 window
  • Type: All Steel
  • Year: 1926
  • Mileage: 3,331
  • Color: Black
  • Engine size: 331 hemi
  • Number of cylinders: 8
  • Transmission: Automatic
  • Drive type: RWD
  • Interior color: hemi orange
  • Vehicle Title: Clear
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1926 Chrysler Coupe 3 window Description

Here we have for offer my baby that I said I would never sell. It is a 1926 Chrysler 3 window coupe, all steel. For motivation, it has a rebuilt and custom 1955 331 hemi that started life as a oil pump in texas. I got a couple of these motors in trade on a Dodge Brothers 5 window a few years ago.Here are a couple of youtube videos, at idle:Hemi at idle and a 1-shift is at1-2 Upshift If these links won't work, you can search for: Su0percharged 331 hemi 1-2 shift, andblown 331 hemi idling.
There are some other videos in the playlist on the car.
The pistons were machined from stock 392 pistons, which gave me lower compression, and correct deck height for the blower. Everything in the motor was redone, with extras. I installed adjustable push rods to precisely match the vintage blower cam I scored on ebay. I am not sure of the lift, duration, but it is pretty rump rump. The heads were gone through, stainless inserts, and so forth. New oil pump, etc.
The blower is a 671, setup as a street blower. I had a specially machined idler pulley that runs on the outside of the belt to reduce blower whine. Ignition is through a Crane HI6, with adjustable boost retard so you can run any grade of gasoline. Distributor is a new small block mopar unit with an adaptor to use in early hemis.
The carb is a Holley 650 on it now, which has been modified to work with a blower. I also have a 3x2 setup that I will include with the sale if you want it. It works ok, looks great, but I could never get it to idle right with that setup. Now it idles at a light, and very smooth around town, gets good milage on the freeway.
The transmission in this one is a new Turbo 350 specially built with kevlar bands and shift kit to handle the blower on the motor. There is also a fan assisted cooler plumbed in, but I have never had to use it. I used a 350 in this car so I could have a longer driveshaft. The 707 transmission was just too long. The adapter is a pricy unit from hot heads.
Rear end is a stock ford 8 inch posi unit that has been gone thru. I had to tub it a few inches on the inside of the trunk, none of the body has been cut up. The wheels are specially ordered 15" ford mags with generous offset to fit under the body. Surprisingly, the springs are what was on the car originally, with some overloads to handle the bumps. They were disassembled, restored, and put back togather with anti squeak dividers. The rear end works well in this application, the car is to light to really hook up, the motor just smokes the tires at will, and they are new 11 inch wide ones.
The front end is from a 1972 ford truck that has been narrowed about a foot, so I could use disk brakes on the front. I forget what steering box I used offhand. It was I think also a ford unit, so I did not have to cut the frame.
The entire frame has been boxed, front to rear. It is sturdy enough, but you can feel it flex a bit under full power. It runs and steers well, no shimmy, shake or anything. New kingpins were installed. It is a bit hard to drive at very slow speeds, takes some muscle to turn the wheel with the hemi and blower sitting on the tires.
New painless wiring system. B&M quick shifter does the chore with reverse lock out. All new wheel bearings, brakes, bushings, any thing that moves was either remanufactured, or replaced.
The car is quite beautiful. It has a black and rootbeer paint scheme. Although the paint is not flawless, it is quite respectable. I was building it to drive and not show. It has weathered a bit in the last couple of years though. Some sanding and respray, and it will be stunning.
The inside is done in hemi orange and black marine Vinyl. It is not the greatest but plenty good for Street rod. All new digital guages, digital speedometer, etc.
I used the roof from a 1965 comet to fill in the open roof on the stock car. All new handles with locks and keys. The trunk was custom fabricated, and locks as well. That is the only part that the original car did not have.
The body had an inch or two of rust along the bottom of the doors and cowl from sitting in weeds. It was always on the frame, so no serious rust issues were involved, mostly surface pitting. There is hardly any bondo on it at all, I used perhaps a gallon on the whole car, and most of that was to get the trunk straight.
It runs and drives very well. I drove it from San Franscisco to Los Angeles twice. It is a bit bumpy because of the short wheel base, but acceptable.
I know I have forgot a lot about what is in it. Dodge Ram steering column. Electric water pump, with a mercedes heater pump to raise water to the core I installed inside. New electric wiper, with auto shut off. I cracked the front glass installing it, but it is on the passenger side, and used plexi for the side windows and rear window. Tail lights are 1920's British carbide bicycle lamps. :) Look very similar to Model T units.
Anyway, it is titled and registered as a 1926 Chrysler 300, but I don't think they made them in that year. That is what was on the title when I got it. I do not know what it is exactly, but it is 1926. There is a unique chrysler motors pot metal logo on the dash, I never could find what it was.
I had some heart trouble, and it ended my hot rod building and motorcycle days, pretty much.
I need to get a small house, get rid of a lot of tools and toys, and I am selling this to help that project along. It is a super car, very rare, you will likely never see another like it. Everywhere you go, you get thumbs up, and impossible to get gas without some sort of a conversation about the car.I was going to take it apart when all the bugs were worked out and put a killer paint job on it. Well the bugs are all out, but I have no energy or money now to make a super street rod out of it.
It is just fine the way it is, or it is wonderful start to a high dollar show winning street rod project.
I need the money, but i would be interested in some sort of partial trade, early muscle car or transport car.
It is just sitting under a tarp now, and slowly going away from the weather, it is on California non op, so there are no fees due for registration. The car has less than 4000 miles on the complete build. It is a shame to see it rust away again, I would like to see it get a good home with someone who could appreciate it more.
I can take more photos of it, I also have some of when I first got it, and lots during the build for serious bidders. I will be happy to work with your shipper getting it to you, or you can come and drive it away.