1955 Ford Thunderbird "2 Tops, Three owners,15 Miles since Frame off restoration

  • Condition: Used
  • Make: Ford
  • Model: Thunderbird
  • Trim: Convertible
  • Year: 1955
  • Mileage: 58,057
  • VIN: P5FH251898
  • Color: Raven Black
  • Engine size: 292ci
  • Number of cylinders: 8
  • Transmission: Automatic
  • Drive type: 2WD
  • Interior color: Black & White
  • Vehicle Title: Clear
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1955 Ford Thunderbird Description

One owner since 1955, given to a close relative and then sold to current owner just completed nut & bolt restorationon a 58,057 rust free original 2 Top Bird!Exterior: Raven Black (Paint code A)Interior: Black & White (Trim Code XA)Hard Top: White (white vinyl)Soft Top: Black (never used)Engine: V-8 OHV 292 cubic inch (code P)Body Code: 40 (Thunderbird)Year: 1955 (code 5)Production Plant: Dearborn, Michigan (code F)Serial Number: P5FH251898Mileage: 58,057 (mileage from new on frame and body)Mileage since body-off-the-frame restoration: 15In 1955 Ford introduced it's all new sports car, The Ford Thunderbird was introduced to the public on October 22nd, 1954 and a total of 16,155 cars were produced for the model year 1955.As fast as these cars hit the dealer's showroom they were sold...in fact you had to put your name on a waiting list and hope that you would get one of these new exciting "T-Birds"This car was purchased by a lovely Lady from California....it was to be for her entire driving life...."HER DREAM CAR"When California began to become so crowded and busy, she opted for a quieter way of life and moved to Hamilton,Montana.My friend Paul has been retired for a number of years and has built or restored several incredible cars at his very special privaterestoration shop in South, Florida.Paul acquired this car from it'soriginalowner who is now in her mid 90's and still living in Hamilton, Montana.She hadgiven the car as a gift to a close relative, but he had never expressed any interest in her Thunderbird andalthough titled in his name,it had remained in her garage and care.
This really is a 2 owner car, but to be 100% technically correct, we refer to it as a 3 owner car.
I love the gorgeous Montana license plate! It will be included with the sale.Paul purchased this car for several reasons but the mainly because he wanted to restore for his Daughter oneof the best 1955 Thunderbirdsin the world and because this car was totally free of any rust.Paul is a perfectionist and wanted a perfect body to start with and he wanted to know the history of a car from day one.This car provided both.....great history, rust free and low original mileage car. It greatly helps when you start a restorationif you have a car in original wonderful condition!Therewas not any body work, lead, steel or bondo that was required in the restoration. This car has it's original rust free floor pans and trunk pan!Paul and his team totally disassembled the car and here is a much shortened list of what was done to this car over the past year with 1000'sof man hours expended during the process.The original engine, transmission and rear end were completely rebuilt to factory specs.Paul was careful to only use correct Ford replacement parts.He replaced the fuel tank, not because he needed to, but merely as a precaution.The frame was stripped and sand blasted and repainted to factory specs.All new brake system from the power brake booster to everything else in the system.All new exhaust system, new suspension including springs, shocks, bushings, ect.Of course the fuel pump, water pump, generator were all rebuilt to factory specs as well as the radiator, hoses and entire cooling system.Note: An original type new radiator cap will be included with the car as well as a correct type1955 Ford 6 volt battery.The power seat was rebuilt (4 way) and it works perfectly.The Original AM radio works but not much on AM these days...you will probably want to add a nice FM Stereo/CD player.The clock was working but it has a tendency to stop and start...at least it's right twice a day.
We would suggest replacing the original movement with a modern quartz movement.A car clock was one of those things that never worked for very long back in the 50's and that still holds true today.The chrome and trim were in beautiful condition but Paul being the perfectionist that he is, had it redone to show quality.Now here is a bit of a mystery that we have up until now, not been unable to figure out. Maybe you can?The original owner, now well into her 90's insists that this car came with a vinyl covered hardtop. We were not aware that youcould order a vinyl covered hardtop for these cars, but Paul not wanting to get into an argument with a very sweet Ladyjust accepted this information as part of the interesting history.
Maybe some T-Bird expert can shed some light on this?When restoring the Hardtop, the only thing that was done was to clean the vinyl portion of the top and it came out to it'ssnow white present condition, butPaul opted to replace the headliner and rubber sealswhich were starting to show some aging.The stand that holds the hardtop will be included with the car.She said she only recalls driving the car on 2 or 3 occasions with the hardtop on the car because she needed help in taking it on and off.The soft Top is brand new...it has never seen sunlight or rain since it was installed.The car has Power Brakes and a 4/way power seat.She explained that she did not like power steering because the car didn't feel like a true sports car with it and also that she had no problemsdriving and parking the car. This car is a real joy to drive and doesn't really need power steering like a heavier car might require.She also didn't like electric windows and said "it was just something that could stop working"She further revealed that she drove the car 99% of the time with the top down on beautiful days or evenings and never drove the car in inclement weather.If you would like air-conditioning installed in this car, we can have vintage AC installed for $1595. (our cost)All AC in 1955 was dealer installed as you could not order these cars with factory AC.All the gauges, tachometer, speedometer,lights and accessories work. This car has been driven just 15 miles and just like in 1955, should be "broken in"It was recommended in 1955 that you should vary your speed between 35, 45, 55 and 65mph which will enable the rings to properly seat withina 1000 miles of driving.After 1000 miles, you should change the oil and filter.You can use leaded or unleaded gas and do not have to run Premium gas, the middle grade works just fine.This Thunderbird was restored with a "blank checkbook" as it was intended to be for Paul's Daughter...However, she has decided that shewould like a brand new modern car with all the bells and whistles...she asked her Dad if she could have both?...and...well.....I think youknow the answer to that one...and that is why this magnificent Black Bird is now being offered for sale on Ebaymotors.com.
This car has never been at any auctions or advertised anywhere else....don't miss this opportunity to own an impeccableno expense spared, professionally restored 1955 Thunderbird with two tops for HALF of the price you would pay at a top vintage car auction!If you found an original, rust free, low mileage 55 Thunderbird and took it to a leading restoration house, be prepared to spend $75,000 to $100,000.You can own this incredible Bird for a fraction of the restoration cost.Paul has authorized Twenty First Century Auctions to offer this car on Ebay to some lucky bidder for less than 50% of the money spent on this car.So...if your serious, please pick up the phone and call me at954-873-6495and I will give you the lowest possible price in ten seconds.
His loss will be your gain.
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Finally, we welcome any pre-inspection of our cars by an Inspection company that is hiredby a potential buyer. If they have the proper insurance and a valid Driver's license we letthem drive the car as well.
We are extremely proud of the cars we offer which has resulted in a 100% feedback rating for more than 16 years.
We sold our 1st vintage car on Ebay in March of 2000. Prior to that, for 40 years we sold almost every car through print media.
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The answer is simple.We have been collecting the best of the best since 1960! During these past 56 yearswe have met 1000's and 1000's of wonderful guys & girls who love this hobby as much as we do. Unfortunatelymany have and do pass away and when they do the families call us. The cars most often find us for the 2nd time....we don't "find" the cars.
We fly in to inspect the car, most of the times it's acollectionwhich can be 5 or 6 cars....or more.Many times it's a lot more, 25, 50 or as high as 100+ cars.
When we purchase & ship the cars back to Florida we inspect and drive every car. If it needs anything, we haveit correctly & expertly repaired. We don't take shortcuts. If an Air-conditioning system is not working, we don'tjust add Freon....we go through the entire system and fix it right. We're not perfect and once in a greatwhile we mightoverlook something...if we do...call us and we will do everything we can to make it right.
Additionally, we're not greedy. A small markup is added to each car, we keep the overhead to a minimumand always "leave room" for the new buyer to sell his or her car should they make that decision.
We never try to just"Make a sale"because a sale is usually a one time event. Instead, we do our best to"Make a customer"because a customer is forever and that's a VERY good thing in business.PLEASE DO NOT WRITE AND ASK "WHAT IS THE RESERVE" It will only be given over the telephone.If you would like all of these high resolution photos send directly to your e-mail address, please write to me atluvdg@aol.comand I will send you the link to all the photos.AS good as this car looks in the photos...it is even better in person! I drove this car a couple of miles and it drives like it looks....BRAND NEW!The paint is so deep it looks like you could put your hands inside of the incredible deep shine.If you want the best of the best....at less than half of what it cost to restore....act quickly as the low price is going to surprise you...We reserve the rights to end this auction early as this car is also going to be offered on our web site.We are not allowed per Ebay rules to list our web site, but if you write to us atluvdg@aol.com, we can send you a link to our web address.Here is some info on the 1955 Thunderbird:
THE 1955 FORD THUNDERBIRDAbove: 1955 Ford Thunderbird in Thunderbird Blue. Note the matching bolsters on the seats with white inserts. With the wide whitewall tires and black convertible top, it's a stunning mid-fifties color combination.Ah, the mid-fifties. Mid-century. A great time in America's history. The war was over and people were putting it behind them, looking forward to the 1960's, a decade of hope. 1955 was a time of sleek, modern, contemporary houses and furnishings. People were shedding the stuffy, busy decor of the past and embracing sleekness, more minimalist designs.Cars were getting bigger and more advanced. They were more comfortable, easier to drive, required less maintenance, and were more dependable. And in the midst of all this, one car stood apart from all others. It could immediately be identified as a Ford, but it was unlike any other Ford ever made. It was a personal car, sporty in appearance but with most of the luxuries people had come to expect in fine automobiles.The Thunderbird was named after the mythical bird known as a good luck omen to the American Indians. Displayed with outstretched wings, the Thunderbird is seen frequently in Southwestern Indian art, and is believed to have the power to bring thunder, lightening, and rain to the parched desert in the Southwest by flapping its wings. The Thunderbird was said to be invisible to man, except in flashes of lightening as it soared through the skies with lightening bolts tucked under its wings.The closest thing to the Thunderbird in 1955 was the Chevrolet Corvette, which was taking steps to improve its car, perhaps because it knew Ford's T-bird would be a worthy competitor. A new small block V-8 engine debuted in the Corvette this year, rated at 195 horsepower. Most Corvette's produced had the V-8, but the six cylinder engine was still standard and seven cars were thus equipped. A 12-volt electrical system was provided on the V-8 cars and the old 6-volt system came on six cylinder cars. New paint colors dressed up the Corvette, and 700 were sold in 1955. Of course, this was a poor showing considering the Thunderbird sold over 16,000 cars that year, and it's likely that the introduction of the T-bird saved the Corvette from extinction.Chevrolet did not want to concede failure in the two seater market to Ford, so it poured money and resources into the Corvette to make it more competitive. Had the little Bird not come along when it did, it's possible Chevrolet might have cut its losses and abandoned the Corvette.Ford's marketing department determined that there was a market for a two passenger personal car, and that Ford could expect to sell around 10,000 of them per year.Plus, the new sporty car would draw more people into dealer showrooms and some of them would buy another Ford model, so there were additional benefits to having such a car in the line, even if they weren't actually selling in big numbers.First year production exceeded the forecasts, but there were those within Ford who wanted to see a profit from the Thunderbird, and even as the very first little Birds were hitting the streets, changes were underway to totally change the car.Surveys were done to find out what people really wanted and needed, and in the responses, lots of people indicated they would purchase a new Thunderbird if it retained its unique styling and more compact size, while providing room for four people and enough luggage space to accommodate things like golf clubs, and luggage for four people taking a trip by car.The new larger Thunderbird would debut in 1958, which meant the original two passenger personal car would be built for just three years.The first generation T-birds were considered instant classics, and became cultural icons used in movies, advertising, and on television. Resale values remained higher than normal as people were anxious to purchase used Thunderbirds. Many changes were made during the three year run, including a major restyling for 1957. About the only comfort or luxury feature not offered on the T-birds of this era was factory-installed air conditioning. It was available on other Ford models, but not on the T-bird until 1958.These are dependable cars, they are fun to drive but take some getting used to. The brakes were adequate for their time, and are acceptable to today's needs as well, but drivers need to understand they will not perform as well as the brakes on newer vehicles, and caution must be taken to make sure they aren't used in a manner that could overheat them.On automatics, you have to place the transmission in neutral to crank the engine, and like most older cars these will idle at a higher rpm until the engine warms up. You do have to know the proper starting procedures to set the choke when cold and how to start a hot engine, and follow them or you'll likely experience starting problems.Also, consider the availability of storage for the hard top, if equipped, and know that raising and lowering the fabric convertible top is best done with two people, at least until one is experienced at the process.Above: 1955 Ford Thunderbird in Thunderbird Blue with matching Turquoise interior. It's easy to see why the new T-bird was so popular, its compact proportions, sporty looks, and luxurious amenitiesand comforts really made it stand out from all other cars.Specifications and other related information:
The 1955 Ford Thunderbird was the world's first "personal" car. Not a sports car, not a luxury car, not a compact car, not a family car, but a personal car. One that could be tailored to the individual needs and desires of its owner.
In appearance, it was sporty, but it also was luxurious with its pleated vinyl upholstery and upscale interior appointments.
The Thunderbird created a whole new class of automobiles, and no matter what the current trend, the T-bird was there, a step ahead, setting those trends.
1955-only features:
  • 6-Volt electrical system
  • Ford crest and crossed flag emblems
  • Flat, 2-spoke steering wheel
  • No front fender vents
  • No sun visors on production units
  • Sewn-in rear window on convertible top (also early 1956 production)
  • Squared-off trim on lower front corner of hard top (revised in April 1955)
  • Chrome "doughnut" exhaust ring (early production)
  • Wedge-shaped heater knobs
  • No vent windows
The workmanship on this car can be compared to the inner workings of a very fine expensive Swiss Watch.The photos are breathtaking but one has to see this mechanical work of art in person in order to truly appreciate it....and once you drive the car you will have a grin on your face that just won't go away!Study all the photos and pay particular attention to the detail of the engine compartment and to the undercarriage.You need to see this car on a lift in person....This is a car that is Pebble Beach concur d'elegance quality that represents the very BEST OF THE BEST.This car has never been shown in any shows...but you are guaranteed to win Best of show and 1st place no matter where it might be shown.And here is the best part...you can drive this car anywhere....anytime....and any place in complete comfort & safety.If you have a real interest, please call me at once and I'll give you the bottom line price as well as discuss any trade or trades you might have.Then book a flight to Palm Beach International Airport so you can come to Jupiter,Florida which is a 20 min. ride North of the Airport.I guarantee you will NOT be disappointed in any way...in fact, this car is nicer than you can even imagine....We have been buying, trading, selling and collecting vintage and collectible cars since 1962 and this is the best 55 Thunderbird I have ever seen or driven.Twenty First Century Auctions has been selling fine vintage and collectible cars on EBAYMOTORS since March of 2000 and we have a 100% feedback rating.
We have sold over 1/3 of a billion dollars worth of fabulous collectable cars.Even in this very tough economic times where real estate has tumbled down a very steep hill....vintage cars...the real ones...the pedigreed cars in great restored or near perfect original condition continue to hold value and in most instances appreciate.Why not have fun with your money? ...enjoy your life and know that when you wake up in the morning your dollars are still safe in your garage or warehouse and haven't evaporated into thin air.I was privileged to be close friends with the late Jerry J. Moore from Houston, Texas. Jerry was a Real Estate Mogul and one of the largest owners of shopping centers in the world.
Car collecting is a family thing...everyone around the world admires and loves these great vintage and collectible cars.We have sold cars from Australia to Alaska...From China to Saudia Arabia.....From Manhattan to Moscow....and the hobby keeps growing & expanding all the time.Collector car insurance is dirt cheap...about $250-$300 a year for a $75,000-$1000,000 car...full coverage!You do have to keep it in a garage and limit your miles to 2500 a year...other wise you might have to pay a little more.I always try and look for major flaws and mention them and try to point them out when I see something.Your welcome to come in person to Jupiter,FL or hire anyone you like to come on your behalf....bring your magnets and magnifying glasses....we will put it up on one our lifts inside Paul's garage and see if you can find anything worth mentioning...we tried and couldn't find anything other than stated...maybe you can?We have tried diligently to find any MAJOR or even minor flaws in the paint, body, interior, mechanical or electrical systems and have not been able to locate anything that we could list as a problem in the description or that we haven't already mentioned.
I truly believe there is no such thing as a "PERFECT" old car and we ARE NOT making such a claim.....but this car in our opinion achieves near perfection!
We are urging you toPLEASEcome and inspect the car in person, drive it or to hire an expert inspector to do this for you.
AGAIN....Please do not ask us to recommend anyone....we want you to select & hire your own inspector.
If you wish to schedule an appointment to see this car, please call me at954-873-6495....I need at least a one-two day notice
This car is just a 20 minute ride from the Palm Beach International Airport and located just 5 miles West of I-95 or the Florida Turnpike at the Jupiter, Florida exit.
Inspection days (with a prior appointment) areMondaythru Saturday) NO SUNDAYS OR HOLIDAYS PLEASE.This car is owned free and clear and we have the title on hand.After you speak with us on the phone, it is possible to have a scanned copy sent directly to you.
We know this is a Platinum investment collectable car....it is foolish to invest your hard earned dollars in clones and fakes....this is a car that you can still drive & enjoy and will increase in value...not decrease in value.....and if you chose to...you could drive it every day.
Please don't buy a Museum quality car like this unless you have a garage to store it inside. This car has ever been left outside nor driven in the rain.
You can look at this car in bright outdoor sunlight or indoors under halogen or florescent light...it still looks flawless...but don't take our word...PLEASE...come and check it out yourself.We don't "play games" We love when a car is inspected prior to meeting the reserve. We have no secrets and are proud of our 100% feedback rating...we have been selling great cars like this for more than 16 years onEbaymotors.com.

Please...do not e-mail us and ask "What is your reserve" just call us and we can discuss money...the car...a trade...or whatever is on your mind.Instead call me at954-873-6495....even if your calling from Australia,Europe or Japan. We will not e-mail you the reserve but will discuss it with you on the phone!
We are all car guys that are very easy to speak with...no Prima Donnas at this end...just car lovers that do this for the fun and passion of loving our hobby...for the past 50 years!We really do love the cars...a lot more than the $.
Once you speak with us...you'll agree...we are sincere and dedicated to this eternal love affair with the automobile.
The reserve is set at a very, very fair number...if you wish to discuss the amount...please don't write and ask "Whatis the reserve price"Instead...please call us at954-873-6495.
Anytime between10:00 am EST and 7:00pmEastern Standard Time would be great. I will not e-mail you what the lowest acceptable price is.As with all of our fine cars...we invite your and urge your personal inspection.
If you see it....and drive it...you will buy it!
For financing...trywww.jjbest.comorwww.woodsidecredit.com
Also, we have contact with shippers throughout the U.S. and WORLDWIDE...We will be happy to assist you.
We accept most anything in trade but please, NO Motorcycles, Hot Rods, Street Rods, Rest-o-rods, Kit Cars, Replicas, Clones, Boats, Airplanes, Jewelry, Motor homes, Real Estate,Helicopters, Submarines, Stamps,Coins or unregistered stock, ect.
We will consider any nice restored vintage or antique car or late model Luxury car with a clean carfax report. Please call us first and discuss this with us..and if we have an interest, we would then have you e-mail a complete set of photos and details.
NO PROJECTS ACCEPTED...only cars in #1 or strong #2 condition. This is a #1 condition car and they don't come any better than this!
E-MAIL the photos of your trade or trades toluvdg@aol.com
Thanks and best of luck!
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