SUPER RARE 1973 Limited Edition 4x4 CJ 5 SUPER JEEP!!!

  • Condition: Used
  • Make: Jeep
  • Model: CJ
  • Type: SUV
  • Trim: SUPER JEEP
  • Year: 1973
  • Mileage: 97,000
  • VIN: J3F835TH61009
  • Color: Orange
  • Engine size: 304 V8
  • Number of cylinders: 8
  • Transmission: Manual
  • Drive type: 4WD
  • Interior color: Brown
  • Drive side: Left-hand drive
  • Options: 4-Wheel Drive
  • Vehicle Title: Clear
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1973 Jeep CJ SUPER JEEP Description

This is a rare opportunity to actually own a1973 CJ5 SUPER JEEP!!! I guarantee this is a 100% authentic Super Jeep. I have been researching this Jeep for many years. No one actually knows how many Super Jeeps were actually made and sold. Some reports are as many as 300 in 1973 were ever produced. However, the consensus is that they areRARE, especially rare to find in their original form and only made in 1973 and possibly a few in 1976. Well, you just found one!
Please read the description carefully as there has been some changes made from the earlier listing.I apologize for having to end the auction and relist this Jeep. The only way that I could make the necessary changes was to stop and restart the auction. I am including a picture of the VIN tag located on the dash. The production date will help authenticate the fact that it is not a dressed up CJ but rather a true SUPER JEEP!!! Also, I made an error when I lowered the price the last time. Instead of the resetting the reserve price, I put the buy-it-now price as the lower reserve by mistake. The reason for the price correction. That will teach me to not do this at 5:00 am. Since I have dropped the Buy-it-Now price considerably from the original listing, I amno longer ableto deliver this Jeep within 200 miles of my home. This could, however, be an option but I will charge mileage to do so. I charge $1.50/mile up to 200 miles from my home in SE Idaho. I have also removed the extra hood and extra front headlight assembly. This seems to be an issue with shipping with some buyers. However, I will include them if the buyer so chooses and is able to pick-up the Jeep as to not have to ship the extra hood. Again, I apologize for any inconvenience from having to relist.
History:The 1973 Super Jeep is rare. Although it is more of a cosmetic package with special seats, dash, sun visors, decals, and chrome bumper it is considered the "unicorn" of the Jeep world. This Super Jeep came withthe optional 304 V8 engineas opposed to the smaller 258 cu inch that was standard. This Jeep was produced for only a very short time in 1973. There is evidence that a few Super Jeeps were produced in 1976 during the bi-centennial year. The Super Jeeps produced in 1976 are the rarest and for all practical terms impossible to find. I believe an editor from one of the popular 4x4 magazines came across one and restored it. From my research, there are only two 1976 Super Jeeps known in existence at this point and only a small handful of 1973 Super Jeeps. The 1973 Super Jeep, which is the very first Super Jeep every produced, are more readily available (barely) but not very often, if ever, and rarely with all of the parts that wear quickly like the seats, dash, visors, top, front chrome bumper, decals, etc. That is what makes this Super Jeep so special. To think that the original chrome bumper from 1973 on a 4x4 vehicle has no damage, not even a ding, on a 44 year old vehicle is amazing. So, if you can't purchase an original barn find or a complete restored Jeep, this is the next best thing.This Butterscotch Gold Super Jeep was produced in May of 1973.There is still evidence of the original decals on the Jeep. Although the original white top is long gone, this Jeep has everything else and it took some time and $ to track down the correct, original Super Jeep parts.
Story of the Original Seats: This Jeep came with everything except for the original seats and steering wheel when it was purchased off of the 2nd owner many years back. Luckily after tons of searching and patience, both the front and rear seats and steering wheel were found and a trip across the country was required to match them up from another original Super Jeep. Therefore, this Jeep comes with all original OEM parts. The story on the seats is a "barn find" story. The couple that originally had the seats took them out of their Super Jeep in 1974 after a car accident with their Jeep. Because they had to replace their original tub and decided to go with a fiberglass tub, they decided to upgrade the seats as well to a higher-backed seat as whiplash was a result of the accident.Therefore in 1974, they took the original seats out and placed them in the rafters of their barn out of the way of anything that could damage them. These seats are 100% original and in excellent shape. No tears, no wear, practically new with only a year wear on them.I have not cleaned them up at all so once cleaned up with some vinyl cleaner, they will look mint, most likely the ONLY set of original seats from a Super Jeep in this condition with less than 1 year wear on them. ***However, these seats only come with the Jeep if the Buy-It-Now buying option is used. If the Jeep reaches the reserve price but not the Buy-It-Now, these seats will be sold in a separate auction later in a package deal with other Super Jeep parts (see below).***The current installed seats are original CJ5 seats from a Jeep around 1973 but not original to the Jeep. They are in good condition with only wear on them but no holes.
Restoration Project:This Jeep is being sold as a restoration project Jeepalthough it does run and run well. It has been sitting in a garage for awhile and hasn't been driven much lately. Therefore, it is just a bonus that you will receive a great running Jeep too. The buyer must understand that this is a project vehicle first and possible daily driver second. I cannot guarantee the running condition of this Jeep as it has sat for sometime in the garage waiting to be restored. However when it does get taken out and driven, it fires right up, sounds incredible with the dual glass packs, and drives very nicely down the highway. There have been 0 mechanical problems with this Jeep and to the best of my knowledge, the Jeep is mechanically sound.I can, however, guarantee that this is a true 100% 1973 Super Jeep!!!
Running Condition:The mileage is97,000 original milesand it comes with the original, strong 304 cu inch engine and three speed manual transmission. This V8 engine adds 20% value to the book value of this Jeep. If wanted, I will email a brief video of this Jeep and how strong and impressive the engine sounds to reassure the buyer. This Jeep was purchased as a running Jeep with the goal of a total restoration. However, less than 100 miles has been put on this Jeep in the past decade and has been garaged. It was only driven to make sure it still runs and to keep the fluids circulating throughout the Jeep. The Jeep was a daily driver at the time of the transfer from the 2nd to the 3rd (current) owner. The Jeep has larger tires but there has not been any modifications to the suspension. Actually, there hasn't been any modifications to the Jeep itself other than the seats and tires/wheels. The 5 tires are in fair shape. They are driveable and the spare will need to be aired up but they will need to eventually be replaced if the buyer has the intention of driving this Jeep while restoring it. So, it does come with all 5 aftermarket tires and chrome steel wheels for the Reserve Price.Remember, the original steel wheels come in the packaged Buy-it-Now deal.Note: These are not Renegade rims that came popular after this Jeep was produced but rather the basic white steel wheels.
Buy-it-Now Package Deal:The following is included in theBuy-It-Now PackageONLY:Theoriginal seats, theoriginal steel wheels(not shown) will also come with the Buy-It-Now price. There is an extrawhite vinyl dashandtwo white vinyl sun visorsonly offered with the 1973 Super Jeeps also. Another Rare find. You will actually have 2 white dashes and 4 white sun visors only offered on the 1973 Super Jeep. All are original OEM Super Jeep parts in excellent shape. 100% guaranteed!!! Also included:The original paint color code sheet for 1973 Jeeps and a 1973 Jeep service manual. Finally, I purchased 4 new uncut AMC Jeep keys to have cut from the current original copy so that there is true Jeep keys upon restoration. Two shift knobs and the original steering wheel are also included.
Extras:The following will be thrown in with the Jeep if it sells no matter if it is meets the reserve or buy-it-now. There are four brand new Monroe gas shocks. There are two brand new red tail lights and two brand new white backup lights and a new clutch pad replacement.
NOTE:Please, if you have any questions on this Jeep, feel free to contact me by email. I will answer all questions the best that I can and as honest as possible. I don't consider myself an expert in the Super Jeep arena but I have done intensive research on them including phone calls and emails to people involved with the original American Motors Corporation (AMC). I have read and owned many books and articles on CJ Jeeps and what there is out there on Super Jeeps. Also, keep a lookout a 1976 Jeep CJ5 Renegade Limited Levi's Edition that I will be listing. Another fairly rare CJ. The '76 has had a ton of $ dumped into it to make it an unstoppable beast. It has been my hunting and trail rig for many years and has only 61K original miles with the original paint, lockers, and electronic fuel injection.
OVERALL CONDITION:This particular Jeep has been Rhino-lined around the inside of the back wheel wells. Again, it was a daily driver and the owners tried to protect it as much as possible. The undercarriage has been painted black and is in excellent condition. The Jeep has some surface rust and a few spots rusted through but nothing that cannot be easily repaired. One particular spot on the driver's side was cut out and a new piece of sheet metal welded in and primer sprayed on. The exact same place on the passenger side has rust coming through and will need to be fixed. One other spot on the passenger side above the wheel well has rust coming through and will also need to be repaired. The bottom of the tub is solid with minor surface rust. The floor boards have surface rust (the pics show bubbling which is merely surface rust) and it has rusted through just a bit in a straight 4 inch line on the driver's side just under the gas pedal and one small dime size in the middle of the passenger side. It is minor and again, easily fixable. Usually, most rust comes from this area and it is pretty minor considering the age. Most floor boards you find in 40+ year old Jeeps are completely rusted completely through and gone at this age but not this Jeep as it came from the southern part of the US so not many if any harsh winters with salt on the roads. The largest interior rust spot comes behind the passenger seat just behind the storage bin. This spot, however, does not rust through to the open bottom of the Jeep due to how the tub was manufactured. This area has rusted in a straight line and should be an easy fix. The two spots that see the light of day are on the floorboards only. The undercarriage is very clean.All of the running parts just need some TLC with cleaning up and paint. Some things will need to be replaced like the brake master cylinder as it works fine but is rusted and ugly to say the least. You will have all of the original OEM parts.
The rear of the tub in the interior is in great shape. Only surface rust inside the storage bin and the drain holes in the floor on both the drivers and passengers sides still have the rotating doors that close when no drainage is needed. Believe it or not, this Jeep never came with a radio. Not even a basic AM radio. The dash has never been cut or modified for a stereo either nor has any speaker holes ever been cut. However, it does have a radio antenna (Go figure!) The dash is in perfect, all original condition. (see pics for all of the aforementioned issues). The glove box looks like it has never been used. The VIN plate on the lower left corner of the dash is very legible with all of the vehicle info. Comes with all original mirrors both on the outside and the inside mirror. The Jeep has a Bestop soft top that is in good condition. It does need to be adjusted a bit. Because I am selling this as a project restoration vehicle, these minor things I will let the buyer take care of. It needs a new battery. The Jeep will come with a battery core to trade in. The original decal package of the Super Jeep was worn and flaked and pulled off of the Jeep. However, you can still see the remnants of these decals proving the authenticity of this Jeep as well as the recently added VIN plate.I STAND BEHIND THIS JEEP 100% AS A TRUE, ORIGINAL, MOSTLY COMPLETE 1973 JEEP RENEGADE CJ5 LIMITED EDITION 4x4 SUPER JEEP.(I say mostly complete as it does not have the original white top but rather an aftermarket top. That did not last the 44 years.)
This particular 4x4 came in theButterscotch Goldcolor. Personally, in all of my research, I have only seen one other of this color out there. Most that you find were blue, white, or yellow. Also offered was a metallic tan and a green color scheme.The seats match this color scheme perfectly although they came from a daisy yellow Super Jeep. The seats for all Super Jeeps only came with red/white for white and blue models or cinnamon/white for those that were daisy yellow, butterscotch gold, metallic tan, or green. One of the back tail lights has been broken (plastic cover) and needs to be replaced but I have all new back lights for the Jeep that are included. Again, 44 years does eventually take its toll. This Jeep has not seen road salt and has been garage kept over the past decade.
NADA Classic Cars Book Price:I have included the NADA classic cars book value of this particular jeep. High retail, excellent original or completely restored books at$25,300but they will often sell for more. The average retail for this rare Jeep is$18,700. Low retail is$8,300. Therefore, I feel comfortable with my reserve and buy-it-now price for this Super Jeep considering the condition, the mileage, and all of the extras that I am throwing in with this Jeep at theBuy-it-Nowprice: (3 additional original seats, 4 additional original steel wheels, 1 extra original white vinyl dash, 2 extra original white vinyl sunvisors, 1 original steering wheel, 1 Jeep 1973 service manual, 1 original paint color code sheet, 2 gear shift knobs, 4 new uncut AMC keys). It shouldn't be difficult to figure out how much the reserve actually is. Let's just say that low book retail comes to mind.
*You can purchase the decal kit online for $350.*
Don't pass this opportunity to purchase a Jeep that you may only have one chance in a lifetime to take advantage of my decision to list this Jeep. You may find another Super Jeep for sale down the road but unless it is completely original from grandpa's barn, you won't find another complete with theoriginal seatsin this condition. Take advantage of the time and money spent running down the extra parts needed to complete this project. For the most part, it is all here. You may need to find a part or two here and there but for the most part, this is a complete restorable Jeep just waiting to happen.
Shipping:Shipping of this Jeep will be the responsibility of the buyer. I will assist where I can. If the Jeep ships international, it will be up to the buyer to make all of the arrangements. I have only bought and sold vehicles in the U.S. In the past, I have used many shippers and most reputable shippers are good to work with and will deliver your vehicle in great condition. I have also used UShip where private individuals deliver vehicles usually for cheaper than a shipping company. This will be completely up to the buyer discretion on how you want to have the Jeep delivered. If the Buy-It-Now option is used for the Jeep and all of the additional parts that come with this option and you ship the Jeep to you, I will store all of the parts in the interior of the Jeep and they will be sent in that manner. Keep in mind that neither I or the shipping company will be responsible for those items in the interior. I will cover them and secure them in the Jeep the best that I can and you should not have any issues with delivery but the soft top is non-locking and can be accessed. This is a risk the buyer takes (although I have not had any issues in the past) when shipping these extra parts with the Jeep. The buyer can choose to ship these items separate from the Jeep with another courier but the expense of doing so will be the sole responsibility of the buyer. For this reason, the seller made a trip half way across the country to pickup these extra parts when they were originally purchased as it was cheaper to pick them up then to ship. Just an FYI.
Payment:I will not release the title of this Jeep until all monies clear. I will accept money orders, cashier's checks, PayPal, or cash. Other than PayPal and cash, money orders and cashier's checks also take time to clear. They are not automatic. Once the money has cleared, I will release the title and the Jeep itself. The title is a clear North Carolina title. If the buyer prefers to pay the balance in cash upon pickup, that is perfectly fine. If using a shipper, all money will need to be paid and cleared before I release the Jeep. Please keep this in mind when setting up a pickup date to ship. Your money has to clear the bank first before I turn the vehicle and title over to the buyer or shipper. When shipping, the Jeep and its contents gets turned over to the shipper and the title is sent via USPS certified mail.
End of Auction:I require a $500 non-refundable deposit within 24 hours after the end of the auction. Please bid with confidence but be sure that you are willing to fulfill the purchase contract made. I have bought and sold many vehicles on Ebay and have had both good and bad experiences. Therefore, I understand "the game”. I am honest and my 100% Ebay rating should speak for itself. Again, I will provide additional pics or a brief video of the Jeep upon request. As you can see, the description of this Jeep is long but I am trying to give the buyer as much information as possible. This is an investment and I want the buyer to be 100% satisfied at the end of the day. Please ask any questions that you may have and don't be afraid to seriously consider this rare restoration project and well-running Jeep. You could finally ownan original 1973 CJ5 Limited Edition 4x4 Super Jeep.
IF you are interested, please bid. You will not be disappointed. It is a one-of-a-kind, RARE SUPER JEEP!I am listing this Jeep locally as well and reserve the right to end this auction early ONLY if the reserve price or Buy-it-Now price has not been met at the time of sale locally.
Thank you!