1976 CJ5 Renegade Levi's Edition Jeep 4x4

  • Condition: Used
  • Make: Jeep
  • Model: CJ
  • SubModel: Levi's Edition
  • Type: SUV
  • Trim: Renegade
  • Year: 1976
  • Mileage: 61,000
  • Color: Brown
  • Engine size: 304 V8
  • Number of cylinders: 8
  • Transmission: Manual
  • Drive type: 4WD
  • Interior color: Brown
  • Options: 4-Wheel Drive
  • Vehicle Title: Clear
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1976 Jeep CJ Renegade Description

1976 Jeep CJ5 Renegade Levi's Edition- 61,000 original miles
I am listing my baby! I have decided to give this Jeep a new home to the right owner. This is a 1976 Jeep CJ5 with the Renegade Levi's Package. This Jeep came factory with the 304 V8 engine and power brakes. With this Levi's package, some of the options include a tachometer and a clock of which both are original and both still work. It really only has 61,000 miles!!! This Jeep will go anywhere and I mean ANYWHERE!!! I have never owned a Jeep that climbs better than this Jeep. This Jeep actually climbed about 4-5 feet up a tree! Yes, on purpose. It is practically unstoppable and you will soon find out why. This Jeep has had many upgrades. Here is a list of what you can expect.
Most of the following items have ONLY 3000 miles on them. There is nothing brand new other than the new Optima battery so all parts have been broken in on the trail:
Custom Upgrades:* T-18 Transmission, 6.32 granny first gear (this Jeep just crawls!)* Dana 44 rear axle w/ 4.27 gears and a Lock-Rite locker* Con-Fer axle truss* Dana 44 front axle. Custom narrowed and sources from a Scout* Flat top knuckles, hi-steering and cross-over steering* HD front differential cover* Yukon alloy outer shafts with a fairly new Spicer axle joint, HD/thick wall tie-rod, newer calipers, rotors and master rebuild kit that includes all bearing and seals at the time it was installed* 30 spline shafts* GM style calipers and rotors (not the Ford style)* Warn Premium hubs* 4.27 Gears and an open carrier ($2000 invested in the rear axle alone). These axles give it a 4" total wider stance for more stability* Holley digital D2 Pro-Jection fuel injection with the optional closed loop system- (adjusts in the cab)- I can't tell you how nice fuel injection is on a Jeep that is climbing and bouncing in the mountains* Edlebrock Performer Manifold* Custom Cut GM HEI distributor with Jacobs electronics cap, rotor, and wires* HD 3 core radiator* 15"x6" K&N filter with chrome cover* Chrome valve covers* Optima Yellow Top battery (brand new)* Dana 20 T-case* 4.5 Pro-Comp lift with poly bushings and greasable joints* Rancho 5000 shocks* Saginaw power steering
Tires and Wheels: 33" MUD T/A Radials on 15x10 Mickey Thompson Classic II wheels. There are 5 aluminum wheels and 5 tires which includes the spare to match the rest of the wheels. The tires have great tread on them. Probably 70%. The issue is that they are cracking in-between the tread. They will eventually need to be replaced long before the tread ever wears out. I have driven on them in this condition for about six or seven years and have had no problems. However with time, the tires will start losing air. Could be in 3 months, could be in 3 years. My plan was to replace these tires eventually with Super Swamper TSL Boggers to complete this beast! If I keep it, that will be next!
Body and Paint: All factory including the Renegade hood decal and the Levi's decals. All original paint, decals, and trim. The body does have some rust spots on it. The most significant rust is bubbling under the paint below the fuel cap. A common issue with CJ's. The reason is the fuel likes to leak out a little when you fill the tank. There is one hole with a little rust on the driver's side front wheel well just below the driver's door. It took a rock or a tree limb to that small spot. There is minor scratches and dents here and there but nothing major. The couple very small rust spots on the Jeep are minimal for a Jeep of this age. This has been a seasonal Jeep that has been used as my trail and hunting jeep for the past 11 years during the summer and fall months. In those 11 years, I have put only 3000 miles on it and those are mostly trail miles. I tow this Jeep behind my pickup when I want to go somewhere. The paint on the hood has begun to fade after 41 years. However, I have always garage kept this Jeep so it has not sat out in the elements.* The chrome grill is from a 1983 Laredo Package Jeep* This Jeep has Bestop bikini top with convertible half doors both of which are in good shape.* Two older KC Daylighters on brackets on the windshield (toggle switch on the dash)* Rear tire rack that is custom built and is a swing out for access into the back of the Jeep* Newer Hi-lift Jack mounted to the tire carrier that has never been taken off of the Jeep since installed* Custom "Shorty" bumper* Receiver hitch on the rear* Tow-bar on the front is included. Takes a 2" ball* Rear break/blinker lights when pulling behind vehicle* Rubber fender flares* Chrome trim (actually protects the bottom of the tub from rocks when rock climbing)* Roll-bar padding* Soft-top interior frame* Locking fuel cap* Steering-stabilizer* Warn XD9000i winch
Interior:* Bestop Seats. Good condition. NO rips or holes* Rear seat is a recovered factory bench. This bench is in good shape but is grey in color. All seats have lap belts.* Bestop center console* Laredo (1983) top-grainleather grab bar* Tilt steering column installed in place of the factory fixed unit. This is so nice getting in and out* Lecarra Mark 4, four spoke polished aluminum wheel with the thick leather grip option. Great feel when driving.* NO Stereo (Un-cut dash which is RARE!) I do have an AM radio that I purchased that will fit for nostalgic reasons* Entire interior of tub is Rhino-lined (bed liner, no carpet which means no rust)* The heater works great and blows HOT* One of the large plastic turn knobs for the front windshield is missing half of it* INCLUDED is the actual 1976 CJ5 OWNERS MANUAL!
*This Jeep has had well over $18,000 invested into it over the years.*
Mileage: In the past 11 years, this Jeep has been driven ONLY 3000 miles. The previous owner drove it about 1000 miles in only 4 years previous to this so this Jeep has been driven a total of 4000 miles in 15 years. WOW!!! Thus the reason for the 61,000 original miles. This is NOT a show Jeep but it is a Rare original body and paint Jeep. This has been built to tackle the red sandstone of Moab, the steep San Juan Mountains above Telluride, Colorado, hunting the mountains and hills of Utah, Idaho, and Wyoming. In other words, this Jeep is used, never been stuck (not even a close call), and is extremely FUN and has provided my family with lots of memories over the past 11 years. The previous owner, who did most of the aforementioned custom work, used this in the exact same way on the weekend with the family in the mountains of Colorado.
Highway: Any time I go anywhere of distance, I pull this Jeep behind my pickup with the included tow-bar. It is very easy to do. I just take off the drive-line and I'm off. I have done this so much, I can take the drive-line off in just a couple of minutes. If I use this Jeep around home, which I do quite a bit, I will drive this Jeep on the highway. This Jeep actually drives great down the highway going 65-75 mph. The speedometer runs a little slow by about 7-8 mph so if I am going 60 mph on the speedometer, I am actually going 67-68 mph. It does not drift back and forth like some modified 4x4's do I'm sure the wider axles have a lot to do with that. The only issue may be when the bigger tires are in the ruts of the highway, it may drift back and forth just a little. Other than that, I will drive this Jeep down the highway like any vehicle I own usually with one hand on the wheel. The throttle sticks right at the beginning so you can jerk a bit when stepping on the gas at the very beginning when starting out. This will go away with an easy change of the cable. Although I bought a new cable that I can't find, I just live with it and can usually work around it with a soft foot. Sometimes better than others. The final driving issue with this Jeep is the same problem that ALL CJ owners face. CJ's have a weird back-draft issue where the exhaust smell will flow back into the tub. If you research this, it is an unfortunate but VERY COMMON problem with older CJ's. I have just lived with this. It seems to be more of the smell instead of the entire exhaust as I do not get headaches or sick from it and I have driven all day long in the hills many days and been fine. They say you can reposition the exhaust out the side behind the rear tire but I have kept it going out the back. The only time that I have found that I don't get this exhaust smell coming back into the tub is with the entire soft top on. I found that I could keep the top on with the back window and take the side panels off and the doors and stay away from this smell but it takes the back window no matter what. That is as convertible as I could get the Jeep with the top. However, the full soft top wore out and is not longer part of this Jeep. I actually have the top and will throw it in. The top itself is fine. The side windows have cracked and most of the zippers have blown out so you'll have a top but no side panels or front/back windows. The frame for the soft top is fine and is still attached to the Jeep. It is just folded down and secured. I can throw those in too if you want to sew up the zippers and tape the crack in the one side panel. Therefore, the Jeep comes with the bikini top and half doors on it. The buyer can purchase a new soft-top and never have this issue to deal with. This Jeep gets about 8 mpg on the highway. It's hard to say on the trail because I haven't ever tried to measure as I carry gas cans with me. I am sure it is close to that too.
Issues: The throttle is sticky. It always has been since the day I purchased it. I've just gotten used to it. I bought a new cable to replace it but for the life of me, I can't find it (in a box somewhere) so the buyer would be smart to purchase a new one. It's not expensive. Last fall, the power steering pulley came off. I bought a new one but have not put it back on as it takes a special press tool. It does have an oil leak in the very front of the Jeep on the top manifold. It is very easy to see and shouldn't be too difficult to fix. The Jeep is running a bit rich as well and needs to be adjusted. Again, shouldn't be too difficult with the electronic fuel injection, which by the way fuel injection is simply amazing in the hills! The rear differential has a small leak at the drain plug. Not a big deal. Finally, there is a small crack from the sun in the middle of the top of the dash. Those are the only mechanical issues that I can think of. The Jeep shown in the pics is a Jeep that was put away in the garage after the fall hunts. I have not cleaned up this Jeep at all for the pics so it actually looks better and shinier than it appears. I am laid up right now after a foot surgery so I am not able to make the repairs or clean the Jeep the way that it should be. However, I will make sure it is clean and ready to go upon pickup or shipping. Therefore, the chrome in the engine, the exterior paint, the aluminum wheels will all shine. I wasn't too worried as I am not selling a show Jeep but rather a rock-climbing machine and incredible trail rig.
Note: I may have the original manifold and carburetor in a storage unit. If so, this will come with the Jeep. As mentioned before, I have the soft-top which is still in good condition. I also have the windows for the doors where the zippers have blown out. I will also throw in the back side window panels and back window that have cracks in the plastic. Finally, I have 4 brand-new heavy duty front and rear shackles that I will throw in as well.
Buy-It-Now: IF the Buy-it-Now option is used, I will make all of the above repairs in the issues paragraph by either doing it myself or taking it to the shop. If the Jeep is bought by the reserve price only, I will leave these minor repairs to the buyer. It will probably take a half to a full day to make all of the repairs. It drives fine right now. The steering is tough without the power steering but still doable.
Title: The title is clear. It is just missing. Don't worry, however, I am in the process of having the state of Wyoming issue me a new one. The paperwork has been submitted. Believe it or not, I am not the one that actually lost the dang thing. The bank did when I used it as collateral on a loan and they went to send it back to me. How you lose a title to a vehicle is beyond me. Put in the wrong file I guess. They did, however, send me a lien release so it is just taking some time to get the new title to me. The buyer will have to be patient until the new one is delivered to me. I will not expect full-payment until the title is in my hands. So, this is an issue that I am currently working on but it may take some time. The new title will cancel out the old, misplaced title so you don't have to worry about two titles floating out there. Please keep that in mind and plan accordingly.
NADA: The NADA classic cars book values this Jeep at the following: Low retail: $8250, Average retail: $18,600 and high retail $27,000. The 304 V8 engine adds and extra 20% value to this Jeep. And this original engine only has 61,000 original miles and the original tub with original paint! Use this information as you wish. I understand that I am selling a very modified and custom version of the original Renegade. However, the modifications have made this Jeep one of the BEST trail rigs. Personally, I feel that the retail value of this Jeep in its current condition and mileage will fall between the average and high retail. However, the REAL value lies in all of the custom modifications made to make this Jeep stable with the wider stance, and unstoppable with the fuel injection, custom axles and lockers. A lot of $$$ was spent to build this Jeep and this Jeep will never lose value. It can only get better with more custom work if you so choose.

Shipping: Shipping of this Jeep will be the responsibility of the buyer. I will assist where I can. If the Jeep ships international, it will be up to the buyer to make all of the arrangements. I have only bought and sold vehicles in the U.S. In the past, I have used many shippers and most reputable shippers are good to work with and will deliver your vehicle in great condition. I have also used UShip where private individuals deliver vehicles usually for cheaper than a shipping company. This will be completely up to the buyer discretion on how you want to have the Jeep delivered. Also keep in mind that when shipping vehicles with lifts, there are certain requirements that the shippers require and it could be a little more expensive. I have usually found that this is the case with lifted trucks. Jeeps are usually small enough that it isn't too much of an issue. So, this Jeep is a little higher and wider than a normal CJ5. Also please note that once this Jeep leaves my hands when turned over to the shipper, I am no longer responsible. Any damages that might accrue at that point will be between you, your insurance, and the shipper. I have sent and received many vehicles and have never had a problem with shipping a vehicle.

Payment: I will not release the title of this Jeep until all monies clear. I will accept money orders, cashier’s checks, PayPal, or cash. Other than PayPal and cash, money orders and cashier’s checks also take time to clear. They are not automatic. I was once given a counterfeit cashier's check thus the reason I am so careful. Once the money has cleared, I will release the title and the Jeep itself. The title is a clear Wyoming title when I receive a replacement copy. If the buyer prefers to pay the balance in cash upon pickup, that is perfectly fine. If using a shipper, all money will need to be paid and cleared before I release the Jeep. Please keep this in mind when setting up a pickup date to ship. Your money has to clear the bank first before I turn the vehicle and title over to the buyer or shipper. When shipping, the Jeep and its contents gets turned over to the shipper and the title is sent via USPS certified mail. None of this should be an issue with the new title taking time to be sent to me.

End of Auction: I require a $500 non-refundable deposit within 48 hours after the end of the auction. Please bid with confidence but be sure that you are willing to fulfill the purchase contract made. I have bought and sold many vehicles on Ebay and have had both good and bad experiences. Therefore, I understand “the game”. I am honest and my 100% Ebay rating should speak for itself. Again, I will provide additional pics or a brief video of the Jeep upon request. As you can see, the description of this Jeep is long but I am trying to give the buyer as much information as possible. This is an investment and I want the buyer to be 100% satisfied at the end of the day. Please ask any questions that you may have and don’t be afraid to seriously consider this amazing Jeep. You could finally own a very custom and mechanically modified 1976 CJ5 Renegade Levi's Edition on an original 1976 CJ5 Renegade Levi's Edition 4x4 tub with original paint and decals and only 61,000 miles on this rare custom built Jeep.

IF you are interested, please bid. You will not be disappointed. It is a one-of-a-kind Jeep built to tackle whatever you can throw at it and it will come through with flying colors. If you don't want the hassle of bidding or possibly losing the Jeep to another buyer, just hit But-it-Now. That is what I did when I bought this Jeep many years ago. Sorry, I am NOT giving this Jeep away. The buyer is paying for a custom rock-climbing Jeep and incredible trail rig and it is worth every single penny. That I guarantee! I thought that I would list it and see if there was any interest. I know what this Jeep is worth and believe me, it is worth more than I am asking. Try finding all of the custom parts and building this Jeep from the ground up and you will realize that this Renegade is worth the asking price. This is my baby and with all of the work done and money put into this Jeep, it must be worth my investment to part with it. I understand that everyone on Ebay thinks their rig is worth top dollar and some of them actually do. Most do not, however. This '76 Renegade is NOT one of those that are top dollar (high retail) but it is definitely no less than average retail book value. I don't mean to offend or sound arrogant in any way. I'm only being honest.

NOTE: I am listing this Jeep locally and will get tons of interest so I reserve the right to end this auction early ONLY if the reserve price or Buy-it-Now price has not been met at the time of sale locally. Also, the crossbow on the hood of the first picture is NOT part of the sale of the Jeep. I took this picture last fall when I was archery elk hunting above my home here in Idaho. As I said, I use this Jeep.

*I also have a true 1973 CJ5 Limited Edition 4x4 SUPER JEEP for sale. That auction starts and ends at the same time as this auction.. Check it out! Extremely RARE Jeep!*

Thank you for your interest!