1959 Pontiac STRATO Chief for sale in Great Falls, Montana, United States

***NO RESERVE *** 1959 Pontiac STRATO CHIEF. ***RARE*** Private sale.

  • Price: US $5,000.00 Make an offer
  • Make: Pontiac
  • Model: STRATO Chief
  • Type: Coupe
  • Year: 1959
  • Mileage: 91,232
  • Color: Blue
  • Engine size: 6 cylinder
  • Number of cylinders: 6
  • Transmission: Manual
  • Drive type: RWD
  • Interior color: Gray
  • Vehicle Title: Clear

1959 Pontiac STRATO Chief Description



Car is located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

(3 hours directly north of Montana)

Will sell anywhere in the USA, or worldwide.

Car is exempt of any travel restrictions (antique status), and...


*** Determined seller -UNRESERVED ***
Oh, should mention... My wife has become pretty great at arranging delivery. She has established excellent shipping contacts, andwill behappy to help arrange delivery.Whatever your shipping quote is, she can maybe get it for almost HALF from a Canadian company!!!

1959 Pontiac STRATO CHIEF.

This is a very special automobile. As stated, it is a 1959 Pontiac Strato Chief. (Not to be confused withthe PontiacmodelStar Chief). It is a very low production model that should represent great additionto someone's collection, or wiseacquisition for someone seeking excellent kineticinvestment opportunity. Please read further for more details.
Rarity:There is very little information for this model. I have spent time trying and cannot find any real figures for production numbers.Very fewwere produced and, as you can imagine, much fewer still exist.I've owned a Pontiac that was 1/1173 and another that was 1/374 built. It was easy to find production numbers for either of those (quite easily I may add) but, nothing for this.
Model information:The Pontiac Strato Chief is a model thatwas built on a Chevrolet Impala platform and were very similar dimensionally but, with Pontiac shape and styling.
Vehicle history:Purchased new by a local gentleman, andlovingly ownedfor the rest of his life. Whenthis gentlemanpassed away (old age), it was left to his wife. Eventually, when she passed (old age), it was leftto their son. When he passed (yup, you guess it.... old age), it wasleft to his wife. She is still around,but quite advanced in age. So far as we are aware, she still resides in an elderly care facility.
Provenance:This car hasan enormous file of documentation that belongs to it. Unbelievably, it contains each and every piece of paperwork, receipt, or invoice, since the car was brand new!!!!!Everything, everything... from the certificate of original purchase, from when it was brand new.... all the way to thecancelled cheques for it's underground parking spot rental at the seniors residence.
It is truly unbelievable and amazing that every little piece of information relating to this car, over the course of nearly 60 years was kept in one file. The car is rare enough... This makes it that much more special.
Condition:Car is in truly remarkable overall condition. The interior is the only area that I would say could use attention; in particular, the seats. They are worn and aged, andthe material is quite thin. They definitely require reupholstering. Otherwise, the car is really nice. Mechanically, the car is pretty amazing. It runs very-very nicely, and drives excellent. Physically, it is amazing considering it's age. There is one sizable dent in the passenger quarter panel, ahead of the wheel opening; as pictured. I have recently had a quote at the Paintless-dent-removal Clinic. They priced repairs at $375. Upon request, I would gladly take it there for the new owner prior to shipping.
Originality:Absolutely original car with the exception of one high quality repaint back in the '80's. It cost almost $4000. That was a lot of money for a paint jobback then... especially for a car in good condition! How can I know the car was in good condition?Because of the documentation.Routine appraisals found in the documentation, with their accompanying photographs show that the car was in good shape.
Interesting sidenote: In the early '80's,it seemed that this wasn't aparticularly valuable vehicle, even despite it's noteworthy rarity. $4000 was spent ona shiny newpaintjob when a professional appraisal valued the car at less than 1000 dollars. These cars weren't worth very much back then but, what stands out is how this was obviously investment for a cared-for vehicle, by a caring family.

Great, clean, genuine, and authenticcar.

Check the pictures.They really make the car speak for itself.

Limited spaceand new purchases mean something has to make way. I'm not happy about selling it but, it's got to go. My wife doesn't actually want to sell it at all but, she understands.

Now, I understand that the tires/wheels may not be everyone's style or taste SO, unless otherwise arranged, the car will come with the factory wheels.Pictured, are true vintage Cragar SS with new Cooper Cobra tires. These are not modern production. It took some effort to locate a perfect set of vintage Cragar SS wheels. The Chromewheels, as pictured, are available for an extra1500, and only to the winning buyer.Otherwise, the car will come with the factory wheels. Keep it 100% original,take the vintage Cragars, orshop foryour own custom wheel choiceoncethe car arrives.

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