1986 Toyota MR2 1600G-Ltd 86'

  • Condition: Used
  • Make: Toyota
  • Model: MR2
  • SubModel: Base
  • Type: Coupe
  • Trim: 1600G-Ltd 86
  • Year: 1986
  • Mileage: 165,274
  • VIN: Jt2aw15C8G0053673
  • Color: Black
  • Engine size: 4A-GE
  • Number of cylinders: 4
  • Power options: Air Conditioning, Cruise Control, Power Locks, Power Windows
  • Fuel: Gasoline
  • Transmission: Manual
  • Interior color: Blue
  • Drive side: Left-hand drive
  • Options: CD Player, Sunroof
  • Vehicle Title: Salvage
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1986 Toyota MR2 1600G-Ltd 86 Description

I have payed the non up and it is up to date.
This is my car, and I have drove it for 2 years non stop. It original came with a 1500 rpm idle and the bottom end eventually went ONLY because I had no idea the engine was consuming oil at an alarming rate.
One day the bottom end started tapping. That was the end of that bottom end, it had developed a rod knock and i had to change it. I tried changing the bearing on that specific piston but the journal was not only scored but it was oval. So I went crankshaft hunting at the junkyard, I now have the original 4agze crankshaft, a 4age blue top crankshaft, and a 4afe crankshaft. Plus the crankshaft in the car.
I took the engine apart thinking that I was going to rebuild it, and that I was doing. In the mean time while I was trying to collect money (a very though time) I started rebuilding the head once I got the gasket kit. It came with pistons that used pins at the ends to retain the pistons not pushed in like the 4age so I knew that I had a red and black top from a newer model car most likely a corolla or even this car. The only thing was that now I had to either ground down the rest of the pistons to 40 mm because the original is 42 mm but the good side would be that it is a forged crank and it is very durable so I was happy in a way. The down side was even though it wasn't alot of money to ask for 200 dollars to fix it I didn't have the money. So as time went by I bought a 1989 corolla stick shift the perfect fit. I took the risk while i had 2 weeks of vacation during school, and I swap the bottom ends. BUT at this points I had already rebuilt the top end and time had passed by with the entire engine sitting in the shed, not the engine that was in the white corolla. The original engine that was taken out.
When I did research (and that I do an alarming amount everytime I have a huge task ahead of me) I learned that the pistons that were on the corolla were exactly like the 4agze supercharged engine. So in all honesty when I went crankshaft hunting I realized then that the pistons although were like the 4agze the rod journals were 40mm so it was like having a new engine with the 42 mm specs but in reality they were still using the 40mm technology. So I removed the pistons and came home with just the crank that I didn't end up using anyway. I still have it.
I basically just removed the bottom end of the corolla and attached the transmission plate and reinstalled it like it was the original engine (I had no idea it was going to work) I didn't have an engine hoist so I had to manually install the engine with my barehands by tilting up the bottom end with the transmission still attached the same way it was to its mounts for a long time. at first I thought by bolting it in I could slowy pull the two parts together. In reality the teeth were not fitting so after tightening ans tightending and nothing happeneing I thought of a smart idea to try to move the fly wheel (by the way it has a 212mm clutch so booya its not the 190 or 200 whatever it is on the blue top or original) with a mechanics crow bar. It worked. The engine and the transmission slapped together i still remember the sound (What! an beautiful sound) I had been working all night and all this happened in the morning as everyone was going to work.

(I have cried more times over this car then I remember, it was that sad not having transportation and only having a broken down car)
When I first bought this car I thought great I just bought this car and it will for sure sell for 5,000 dollars. Well after the rebuild I thought for sure it will sell for 5,000 dollars but it still hasnt sold. This is my first time putting it on ebay so I hope you know how rebuilt the motor is. The rebuild finished around 158,000 miles and it is now at 165000 miles so it has had enough testing on it to make sure it is reliable. It has no oil consumption.
Anyways I want to talk about the first time I fired it up. Now having a car to build is fun. But having a battery to start it with is a luxury. I had to keep swapping between my other car to let the alternator charge that one while the other was used bla bla bla bla bla im serious that much kidding.
The first day I had to run it was at 3am this was 2 weeks later when vacation was over. It was running on 3 pistons and I didn't even know it. the injector plugs kept disconnecting (but later my solution was rubber cement, it works really well and they still havent come off from vibration) because of broken pins. And if anybody wants to do something nice for this car one day it would be to change the harness and all of the electrical components such as the distributor, there is not much electronics on this engine.
The radiator is new but there is no sensor on it that shuts off the fan so it runs 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Not a problem if you have a topped up batter with capacity. The car starts first turn up to 8 hours after running it. But in the mornings it doesnt care how many times you crank it over. IT Needs you to crank the second time regardless of how many times you cranked the engine. Im guessing its because the first time uses the injectors and doesn't leave enough spark for the spark plugs and Im going to explain why, this part will continue in a long time so remind me (So when I was doing research for this car, I realized that having dished pistons just like in the 4agze meant that it was going to have lower compress (maybe thats why it was exploding when I had to advanced to like a million (boy was it fast and zippy) but I never drove past 4k rpm I just love the tourqe part) So when I asked around and some people did calculations they told me that the compression was 8.3 to 1, well I was like thats Perfect for a turbo. In all reality the crankshaft that is from the corolla is perfect for up to 200 hp and most turbo set ups were for up to around 150 hp so that was Perfect.
So if you really know your stuff this car is a dream for someone who wants to turbo it and not have to worry about rebuilding the car from the inside.
Okay back to the first part that I left off on. I want to make a whole section just for the part where I rebuilt the head.

So I started taking the head apart and I figured out how to remove the springs by making my own tool with a spark plug socket where I grinding a slot for behing able to get it there with a tool to place the retainers. (the only reason why I am making this part is because I want everyone to understand how clean I was in this step, Ferrari wishes they could have me on their assembly line (that doesn't mean that Im a good mechanic though) okay thats enough I want to get back to the story
The end.
Sold as is, no returns what so ever, no refunds. Im using all the money you give me asap. Im serious.
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