Volvo 240 - 1993 -Last Year Made! Family Owned! Clean Title! Needs to be towed.

  • Condition: Used
  • Make: Volvo
  • Model: 240
  • Year: 1993
  • VIN: YV1AS8808P1484600
  • Vehicle Title: Clear
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1993 Volvo 240 Description

Hi, This Volvo 240 (year 1993 - color white) was our primary family car. We bought it in 2002 with 110,000 miles on it. It was my daily driver until 2012 and has 229,300 miles. We took it off road in 2012 when I bought a newer car, and never put it back on the road. It is mechanically sound and has never been in an accident, but it will need some work. The battery is dead from sitting and the brakes have not been used for a number of years so you will have to tow the car. The body is in solid shape. Car was a reliable family car for years. Have title and key (not original key, but it works just fine). Automatic transmission. Car located in Hudson Valley, NY, about 80 miles north of Manhattan and 60 miles south of Albany, NY.
This model (1993) is the last year they made the Volvo 240. Car last ran and shifted beautifully. No transmission issues. Had the windows rewired in 2010 (they were having trouble opening and closing) - that fixed the issue perfectly.
This car never left me stranded. It was very reliable. Lots of new parts (I had fuel pump and mass airflow sensor put in at about 219,000 miles). It is a tank. No transmission or engine issues. We took it off road when I bought a newer car, and never put it back on the road.
Issues that I know about.
- Muffler is in trunk (we were going to fix it, and then never did - needs a new muffler, I believe)_
- Two good tires - two not good tires (car has 14 inch rims on front and 15 inch rims on back)
- Will need timing belt at 240,000 miles
- Front left lens cover is off. Front trim is off. There was no accident - it either got loose or we took it off.
- Battery dead from sitting. Brakes have been unused so we are not comfortable with having the car driven.
- Brake/tail lights probably are no longer working and/or missing. Lights in back (trunk) are not guaranteed to work - some light sockets (a cheap fix from auto parts store) are missing. . Rear lights were re-wired about 2004 - but are no longer guaranteed to be perfect. - Very minor rust around wheel well from sitting - can be sanded. Nothing major. - Gas tank cap (external) missing - we took it out to give to someone and never replaced it. We have had a rag in place to keep it sealed. Costs less than 10.00 on ebay.
Car shifted perfectly. We bought the car in 2002, and at the time we bought it the console break shifter (in between the seats) shifts FINE but does not lock at each gear (meaning you have to be careful not to push it out of gear). We have never had an issue with it - I was told it could be fixed, but never did. Does not affect drivability. I took a photo of the console gear shifter - it looks just like it should. And it works. Also, the ashtray area part of the console (right behind the emergency brake) is chipped. This is common with these Volvos.
There may be other issues; the car has been sitting. If you buy this car, you will get a solid car and motor. It will need some money put into it to get to the point of being an everyday driver. We are selling it AS IS because it has been sitting. I am not aware of any other issues, but I could be wrong.
If we sell it to a junk yard, they will give me $300.00 for it. I believe this car can be put back on the road, and would love to see it live longer. Or it can be parted out. A 1993 engine on ebay goes for far more than we are asking.
I am starting the bidding at 360.00 because ebay charges me a 60.00 fee.
You will need to tow this away - I will not ship. You will need to make the towing arrangements. We live in the Hudson Valley of NY. About 80 miles north of Manhattan. Paypal, U.S. Cashier's Check or US Money order only. No international buyers.
Thank you.