1977 Ford Mustang ii Cobra

  • Condition: Used
  • Make: Ford
  • Model: Mustang
  • Type: Hatchback
  • Trim: Cobra
  • Year: 1977
  • Mileage: 86,717
  • VIN: 7f03f204185
  • Color: White w/red cobra stripes
  • Engine size: 302
  • Number of cylinders: 8
  • Power options: Air Conditioning
  • Fuel: Gasoline
  • Transmission: Automatic
  • Drive type: RWD
  • Interior color: Red
  • Vehicle Title: Clear
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1977 Ford Mustang Cobra Description

This car (in a little better condition) just sold on eBay for 9900.00 and it was a daily driver not a trailer queen. This car is absolutely 100% original, and as far as I can tell all the pieces are there. It's a 302 with a c4 automatic, the car does run and it will drive but it needs brakes. It's not as easy as turning the key either, but I assure you it 100% runs. It really doesn't need much, the floor pan on passengers side is the worst part of the car. Drivers side has a silver dollar size hole about where your heel would rest. I peeled up the carpet and was amazed at how solid it was outside the pan areas, it still had the tar like matting all over it, I'm not sure what it's called but it's like linoleum. Moving forward the seats aren't even ripped the dash is in tact as far as the gauges and heater controls, the radio isn't in it, but I may know where it is, don't hold me to that though. The dash pad is cracked. But the headliner is actually apart, but it's at the stitching, could be sewed if you so choose. The console is fine shifter runs through the gears, no cracks in the lift box where drivers right elbow would rest. Seats operated properly, all the kick panels and trim is in tact. The hatchback door is rusty, but it's not a so far gone Swiss cheese rust, it's a take her down to metal, poly, type rust. The spare tire is in it, and it's the original factory bias ply 13 inch, with hold downs, Jack, even some instructions. The well the tire Sat in is also rusty, but five inches up the well it's new again, easy fix. The car has never even had the Rallye rims off it til I got it and put the 13 inch cregars on, they are NOT INCLUDED in the sale. I will give up the original wheels that came on the car, the tires wouldn't hold air so that's why they got swapped. I am sure all the trim chrome pieces are there, the only parts I see missing is the rear louver for back window. One of the spoiler pieces is missing, but it looks like that whole thing needs fixed or replaced, it's got some cracks. The horn button I think is missing, but I have the center piece that has the logo in it. I'll try to take some informative photos so you'll be aware of the what I consider a solid car, the floor pans are 125.00 a side on eBay, and carpet set is like 259.00 for the front and hatch area. Dash pad not reman, original uncracked just sold a few days ago for 102.00 headliner is 60.00. Overall peanuts for what you'll have when your done. I'm not giving it away either so please don't text me and give me the I just want the front end and the rest is trash speech, I want it to go to somebody who's going to love it and resurrect her zombified steel to a sleek supple sexy pony that we know she is!! I really hate to list it, I'll kick myself in the ass later I'm sure. The funds raised in this auction are going toward the Ford pickup that you may see in the background of these photos. Now if you got somthing that may help the truck out...like a badass engine or tranny, or some hi-tech rear end, or maybe a Dakota digital dash laying around, I'm sure if you were really wanting the cobra we could arrange for that to happen. Hell if Gas Monkey sees this and he wants to build my truck heck Id give the cobra up lol, that's gonna be a cold cold freezing day in the devil's den before that would manifest. I will answer your questions best I can, so please feel free. This car has one registered owner to my knowledge, the buyer would be number two if re registered. The aluminum valve covers aren't original, but I do have the originals, I'm trying to think if I've covered everything, the door sills, and rockers are solid, the battery tray has been eating itself and got into inner fender. Not a game changer by any means lol. I know that somebody is going to have to have this car in their collection, it wasn't much loved in its day, therefore resulting in even less to be had today. Even though Iaccoca's ideas seemed a bit askew for the time, now looking back on oil embargos, gas hikes, and tons of big blocks roaming the streets burning unforseen holes in their children's ozone layer.....looking back now......this little pony may have been an originator,....ahead of its time, saving gas, and less material in manufacturing. It shouldn't be hated it SHOULD be revered as " The Mustang that Saved the World"!!!! Wow I was on a roll for a second, you gotta admit that........best of luck to everyone, God bless.