1970 Ford Torino Sportsroof

  • Condition: Used
  • Make: Ford
  • Model: Torino
  • SubModel: GT Sportsroof
  • Type: Fastback
  • Trim: GT Laser Striping
  • Year: 1970
  • Mileage: 40,245
  • VIN: OA35M176467
  • Color: Black
  • Engine size: 351 Cleveland
  • Number of cylinders: 8
  • Power options: Power Steering
  • Fuel: Gasoline
  • Transmission: Automatic
  • Drive type: RWD
  • Interior color: Black
  • Options: AM Radio, Laser Striping, Rear Window Louvers, Shaker Hood
  • Vehicle Title: Clear
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1970 Ford Torino GT Sportsroof Description

1970 Ford Torino GT Sportsroof Hardtop Fastback selling at "No Reserve" These super rare 70's muscle cars have incredible investment potential and have been referred to as rolling bank accounts. Black on Black can produce plenty of green in the bank! Why not enjoy your money while it works for you?? I've always felt this is one of the finest looking muscle cars from that special era. This is one of those rare finds that doesn't come around too often. If you simply double click on the main picture of the auction page then all the pictures will be able to be viewed in the larger size by clicking the arrows on each side of the larger pictures. I acquired this sweet Torino GT Sportsroof from a gentleman in Sturtevant, Wisconsin that had this car since his high school days. He made the Torino GT purchase on April 22nd of 1986. I have the open, clean, and clear title that was issued on that day. I'll explain everything he told me about his pride and joy and how I came about being the one he allowed to make the purchase. He said he was approached by dozens and dozens of guys over the past 20 years to sell this rare Torino GT. I was the one who finally convinced him it needed a new home. I had to pay a steep price to get him to let it go, but I know how valuable a documented laser striped Torino GT with an original shaker hood set-up and rear window louvers are to come by. This is not a clone! This is a real Torino GT Sportsroof. These real cars are getting nearly impossible to find. The day after he sold me his Torino GT he called me up and asked if I was going to sell his shaker for $2500, since he happened to look that night on eBay and saw a restored original shaker selling for $2495. This shaker even has the little center piece that covers the adjusting screw near the front of the shaker. Those are always missing on these cars. I've even seen them missing on the 6 figure show cars. As the story goes this Torino was sitting on the side of a barn on a country road that was visible from the highway when my brother spotted it. I owned a Torino Cobra at that time and was in search of rear louvers, so I went back there several times and was very persistent. According to the prior owner the mileage is original, although I have no way to document that statement as factual. He said this Torino does have the original numbers matching Cleveland 351/300 horsepower engine with the original Holley 4-barrel carburetor. He said that he had this original engine completely rebuilt at a local speed shop, and this car used to run the quarter mile in the 11-second range. He said he used to smoke Hemi 'Cuda's, Road Runners, and you name it, it was that fast. This Torino GT was born from the factory as an original 3-speed manual shift car. He had the manual transmission removed and replaced with a C6 automatic transmission. Why they did those things back in the day is beyond me, but my suggestion is that this car be converted to a 4-speed. The proper clutch and brake pedals are still in place. Thus making the conversion that much easier. This Torino GT will need new dual exhaust. There is no exhaust system attached to the headers. The original exhaust manifolds will need to be found by the new owner if they desire to maintain the originality of the car. Those manifolds are available at a wide variety of aftermarket suppliers. This Torino GT will also need new rear leaf springs. After I made this purchase about 7 years ago it was trailered straight to my mechanics shop in Skokie, Illinois. At that time I had every intention of restoring it back to its former glory. I purchased a pair of expensive factory leaf springs for around $200. I left them in the boiler room next to where the Torino GT is parked. They were extremely heavy to say the least. I asked my buddy who owned the shop to replace the leaf springs on many occasions, but he was always too busy. When he finally found the time he went into the boiler room and they were gone. How those heavy leaf springs vanished into thin air will always remain a mystery. You can see what happened to my mechanic in the opening picture. That's what happens when leaf springs disappear. He's still looking for them, but he's in the wrong spot. Well the spring disappearance was many years ago, and I never got around to purchasing another pair, so that will be left up to the new owner. I ended up restoring my Calypso Coral Torino Cobra a couple years ago. I never used the louvers from this GT after I saw how intricate the louvers are mounted to the body. The panel under the rear window would need to be drilled into, so I simply sold my Cobra without the rear louvers. At that point I didn't want to hurt the value of the Cobra, since it wasn't ordered from the factory with rear louvers according to the Cobra Marti Report. I am mainly a Cutlass/442 guy, so that is where all of my spare time goes nowadays. As much as I wanted to restore this car I simply don't have time, and my buddy needs his space back, so that is the reason for this quick 5-day "No Reserve" auction. We never bothered to try and get it started. All the fluid levels are up, but I would suggest that they all be changed. I did include a fully charged EverStart Maxx 850 cold cranking amps battery. We always kept the Torino covered, because the village was giving him a hard time about all the cars he had stored that didn't move. I had the Deluxe Marti Report run several years back. In case anyone viewing this auction is unaware of what a Marti Report is, that's the documentation through the vehicle identification number verifying any Ford-Lincoln-Mercury automobile to be exactly what it was the day it rolled through the factory. Kevin Marti stakes his reputation on what is shown on the Marti Report. This Torino GT was sold new at Palmetto Ford in Charleston South Carolina. It was built in Atlanta, Georgia in December of 1969 in the Charlotte ordering district. I've shown a picture of the Deluxe Marti Report that will be included in this auction to show that this Torino GT Sportsroof is in fact an original shaker hood car that came from the factory with the rear window louvers and laser striping. When I scrutinized the whole car it appears to have all the original body panels, and I saw no signs of any accidents other than the right rear quarter panel that has been lightly side swiped. I do believe that panel can be reworked or it can be replaced. Whatever the winner would like to do will be up to them. This body has been touched up with some gloss black spray to make it appear nicer for these pictures, and it will need new laser striping. I'm selling this car as needing a complete restoration to make it a nice car again. Every part and piece on this car will need restoration, but I believe most of its original components are present. I believe the chrome mud flaps actually had a lot to do with this body staying in the condition it is. The laser striping can be purchased at Phoenix Graphics for around $300. The last owner had replaced the dash back in the early 90's, but this replacement dash could use another dash pad. The vin that came with the car was tossed out with the old dash, although a new vin can be obtained through a variety of sources. I believe one of those sources is Kevin Marti who will supply a new identical vin for a reasonable fee. He did make a replacement door data decal for a mere $25.00. To the best of my knowledge everything that was stated on the Deluxe Marti Report matches this body and the door data plate. It would be next to impossible to find another Torino GT Sportsroof with the shaker hood, laser striping, rear window louvers, and manual transmission options. They just aren't out there anymore. The only cool option missing is the hideaway headlight assembly. This Torino GT came from the factory with the stationary four headlight system. I did hear of a new updated aftermarket electronic version of the hideaway assembly being made nowadays that can be purchased for around $300. I have seen original vacuum operated hideaway headlight assemblies sell on Craigslist or at the local swap meets for reasonable prices. I would think that would be a nice edition to this highly optioned car. As I was preparing this car for sale this past week I took a look under the car for the very first time with my mechanic. We were both impressed with the condition of the floors, and did not see any patchwork done. I stuck the camera under the car to shoot a few pictures to show what we saw. The Ford high back bucket seats will need to be reupholstered, but there is a new pair of aftermarket seat covers on them. The carpet was replaced at some point, but I would suggest another replacement. There is a newset of four black carpetedfloor mats. Yes, the old fashioned cup holder is included in the sale. Both doors have the factory sport mirrors painted to match the body color. I have the original Ford keys that I received with this sale. The square ignition key works with the ignition, but the round key that should operate the trunk lock does not open the trunk for some reason. I didn't want to drill out an original trunk lock, so whatever is in the trunk comes with this sale. I can't say for certain whether the original jack is inside the trunk. I did take a look behind the back seat, and the items I did see included two old school ply tires on wheels, and an old battery sitting on the original plaid trunk mat. These older classics that have survived for over 40 years are becoming harder and harder to find.The Nada Classic Car Price Guide that anyone can look up on-line has the 1970 Ford Torino GT with a 351/300 horsepower engine, manual transmission, and the shaker hood valued at $34,200 in high condition, which theyconsider an excellent overall vehicle that was completely restored, or an original vehicle showing very minimal wear. Note: This value does not represent a 100 point show car or a #1 vehicle. Those vehicles can reach much higher prices. $20,400 in average condition, which theyconsider in good overall condition that could be an older restoration or a well maintained original vehicle that is completely operable. The exterior paint, trim, and mechanics are presentable and serviceable inside and out.They say an average condition car is considered a20-Footer! I have personally witnessed these Torino GT's reach much higher prices when they are restored properly and sold at live auctions. This is a great car for a father and son project to bond as a family unit, or it would be ideal for a high-end restoration shop that knows the true value of a documented rare Torino GT such as this. Maybe this was a car someone admired in high school and wants to relive their youth without paying the top dollar prices. I feel confident when I say that whateverthis classic Torino GT sells for in this "No Reserve" auctionwill bea Win/Win investment. These classic muscle cars have shown to consistently escalate in value with each quarter. Here is a prime opportunity to acquire your dream car at a nominal price. I try to list everything I can think of when I write a description, so every potential bidder can make the most informed decision prior to placing their bid.If you feel I may have left anything out please ask as many questions as you like. I pride myself in answering every question in explicit detail with the utmost honesty. What you see is exactly what you get! This classic Torino GT will sell to the highest bidder on Sunday evening at 5:00pm Pacific, 7:00pm Central, or 8:00pm Eastern time depending on your location. Thank You for taking the time to view my auction!!! Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!

On May-25-16 at 20:39:32 PDT, seller added the following information:

I've had several requests to see if the Torino turns over. I'm happy to report that the engine cranks over very strong, although it did not fire up. I've never been good with points, but I would think if some new points were installed this GT could be made into a daily driver while the restoration is being performed.