• Condition: Used
  • Make: Ford
  • Model: Crown Victoria
  • Year: 2005
  • Mileage: 47,896
  • VIN: 2FAHP71W25X150569
  • Vehicle Title: Clear
  • Interested? Contact seller!

2005 Ford Crown Victoria NEVER SMOKED IN RUNS LIKE NEW Description

I have been an auto mechanic and restorer for 40 years so I know cars inside and out and am also well aware of the huge risk and fear of buying a car without driving it, therefore, I am going to offer a 7 day or 500 mile warranty on the engine and transmission. This will be in writing and provided at the time of the sale. It will warranty the engine, transmission, alternator, water pump, power steering pump, and the differential. If any of these items fail during that time I will either repair them or pay for the repairs if you are not local or will refund the entire sale price of the car as my option.

My apologies for the rather long ad, however, I think that someone whom is considering buying a vehicle, especially without seeing it in person, and from a person they don't know, should have as much detailed information they can about it and the seller. I see no point in posting copies of the original Brochures like some people do possibly trying to make their vehicle seem better than it might actually be.

If you want a photo of something specific, I will gladly take a close up high resolution one for you. There is nothing that needs to be hidden or excused away on this beautiful car and I am more than happy to prove it.

These police interceptor luxury models with extremely low miles like this one has are extremely rare, and once they are gone, they are gone for good.
This particular car is very rare in that is has nearly all the same options that an LX model has, PLUS it has the high performance Police Interceptor package which ads a lot of value. A similar 2006 model, which is almost identical to a 2005, with only 17,000 less miles just sold on Ebay for over $10,000.00 and it wasn't much, if any nicer, than this one, plus it did not have a cassette or CD player or cruise control.

Ebay feedback is extremely important . I have received xlnt comments from others whom have bought cars from me and most of the cars I listed have sold prior to the auctions scheduled end date to buyers that used the "Buy It Now" feature. I am not a dealer . I am merely selling off a large collection of cars we have had for years and some of our relatives cars that don't have an Ebay account, however, I am a mechanic and professional vintage Muscle car restorer and some of the cars I built sold for world record prices at Barrett Jackson and other venues so I know cars extremely well.

This is NOT just an "average" condition car. This car is extremely nice.

It is a 2005 Crown Victoria that has never been smoked in and has been stored indoors when not in use. One way to assess if a vehicle has been stored indoors is to simply look at the headlights. If a vehicle is 10 years old or lolder, they will have some discoloration called "yellowing" on the clear lenses. The headlight lenses on this car are as clear as they were when it rolled off the showroom floor.
It is completely stock with no aftermarket modifications and has not been beat up or raced to death or left idling for a bazillion hours like some of these models have. It is loaded with the usual power options including power windows, power steering, power door locks and power trunk release etc, however, it also has options that are very rare for this model which include power drivers seat, cruise control, and an AM/FM stereo with factory CD player. If you are interested in a luxury type police interceptor and cruise control or a power seat or a nice radio with a CD player are important to you, make sure the ones you are looking at have them and make sure they work. Everything works properly on this one and the air conditioning blows ice cold even in 100 degree weather which it was when we drove it the other day.
It has the Police Interceptor High Performance option which is identified in the VIN by the digits "P71". This model is referred to as a "Civilian" or "Street Trim" model which means it was not a Police pursuit vehicle, however, not all of these models had the same options. It is really basically a luxurious Crown Victoria that was ordered with the high performance package. The differential gear ratio is 3.27. Information regarding the Police Interceptor option is posted further below.
It is an original Southern California automobile that has been well cared for and often garaged when not being driven, and it has never been stored near the ocean or driven on salted roads etc, which accounts for the nice rust free condition that the entire automobile is in. It runs and drives like brand new and is actually the fastest car in its class by far for 2003, and it will leave a standard Crown Victoria in the dust just in case you need to get somewhere in a hurry. It also handles and corners far better than a standard Crown Vic just in case you ever felt like entering it in a local Nascar race!
It has the original title and has never been transferred and it is NOT salvaged.
Most of these Crown Victoria Police Interceptor models DO NOT have cruise control like this one does, so if you want cruise control be sure to ask the seller if it has it, otherwise your right foot might get pretty tired on long trips.

These items are often missing on these cars and are expensive to replace if you can even find them. This car has both and neither have ever been used.

Contrary to what you may have heard or read, the Crown Victoria's with the Police Interceptor upgrade get slightly BETTER mileage than the ones without it if both vehicles are driven the same way. This is due to the dual exhaust and high flow air box and special ignition timing etc.
It was inspected and serviced every 6 months regardless of mileage and it was recently serviced which included fluid changes, suspension lubrication, a new air filter, and a new serpentine belt.
It has all the original manuals and safety cards which are in new condition. It also has the original plastic envelope they originally came in which has the Ford part number on it.
It just easily passed the stringent California emissions test.
There are no lights on.
It shifts like it did the day it rolled off the showroom floor. It shifts very solid with no delay or spin up between shifts.
The rotors are smooth and not heavily scored like many are, and it stops straight as an arrow when stopping hard from 50 mph with no hands on the steering wheel.
It was all just inspected and lubricated as necessary. There are zero rattles or klunks when going over bumps or hitting pot holes. There is absolutely zero play in the steering and if you move the steering wheel just 1/16 of an inch the car starts to turn.
There is zero noise from it.

The interior looks very nice for a 10 year old "Pre Owned" vehicle .
There are no wear marks on the seats however, there is a small 1/4" hole in the bottom of the drivers seat near the seat back where it got punctured from a pocket pen or something.
The front passenger seat and the rear seat have rarely been sat in.

The cloth is very clean looking and not "dingy" looking from people sitting in them.

It is light gray cloth almost like a short velour and is in xlnt condition. There are a couple extremely light marks which may easily clean off although I have not tried to do that yet because they are not glaringly obvious or nearly bad enough to bother me.

The headliner looks like new. The dash and door panels are very nice and are not faded or scratched up. The steering wheel is like new with no wear and is not dried out from being exposed to the sun.

There is also zero wear or discoloration on the drivers door armrest.
There is zero wear on the paint on any of the control buttons.

It comes with brand new factory original floor mats in the Ford package that have never been installed.

There is zero rust and it has never been driven on salted roads or stored near the ocean where the salt air could corrode it. There are no waves or ripples in sides of the body and I posted side angle photos to show how straight it is. The white reflection in these photos is a white fence. There are a total of only 3 very small fingertip sized dings on the entire body and they are not glaringly obvious. One ding is in the side of the left front fender near the door, one is in the right front door near the fender, and one which is nearly impossible to see is on the trunk lid.
As can be seen in the close up photos, the undercarriage looks nearly like new and is not caked up with mud or oil or road grime etc and there isn't even any surface rust on the bottom side. All I did was wipe down the areas I took photos of with quick detailer to remove the dust haze.
One of the problems with the paint on the hood of these cars is that it sometimes gets thousands of very tiny cracks in it or tends to fade more than the rest of the paint on the car, which occurs if the car is left idling for many hours in hot weather. This is because these cars do not have a hood insulator, so the heat from the engine heats up the hood. This is not a problem if the car is moving or in cold weather because this keeps the hood cool enough, however, when the car is not moving, there is no air flow over or under the hood to cool it, and when it is just 80 degrees outside and sunny and the engine is left idling for long periods like they often are on these particular cars, the hood heats up enough to fry the paint. Since it is often 100 degrees or more in California and Arizona, the hood can get hot enough to fry an egg on in about 1 minute if the car is left idling very long so one can imagine what that can do to the paint after many years. The problem with these tiny cracks is that they not only expose the metal to the weather if they are deep enough, they can often not be seen from more than 5 feet away and will not show up in a photo unless it is taken fairly close up, therefore, if you are concerned about the condition of the paint on a car you are interested in, you should ask the seller to please look very closely at the paint on the hood for you if you can not see the car in person.

All the paint on this car has an excellent shine and there is no heavy fading and there is not one single crack in the hood paint or unusual fading. There are a few very small scratches on the front bumper and a couple other very faint scratches and very small chips here and there as is typical of from normal use, however, none of them are big enough or noticeable enough to detract significantly from the general appearance as you can see in the photos.
The door jambs and bottom of the doors look like new as can be seen in the photos.
Overall, the paint still looks very nice, especially for being 12 years old.

The tires that came on these cars new are still available and are very expensive. They are high seed rated Goodyear RSA 225 60 16 97V and cost around $1,000.00 with mounting and balancing and tax etc. This tire size is available in a much less expensive model also.

The ones on this car are new and are the exact same Goodyear RSA tires that came on them from the factory. The fronts were both replaced at the same time around August of 2016 and have date codes of March 2016 and May 2016. They only have around 1,000 miles on them since then. The rear tires are brand new with only 10 miles on them at the moment.
Tires dry out after several years and develop hairline cracks which can cause separation. Since the factory tires for this model are so expensive, it is important to find out the date the tires were made before you buy one of these vehicles, because even if they have low miles on them, they can still be dangerous to use if they are old.

If you ever need tires for any vehicle, Walmart has the best prices of anyone.


The hub caps on these cars are expensive and extremely hard to find, and the chrome on them is often scratched up ad the paint and emblems are faded. The hub caps on this car look nearly showroom new.
It is very clean with no grease or oil or dirt etc and looks like it nearly just rolled off the showroom floor. Nothing under the hood has been repainted to try and make it look better. There are no leaks and all the factory decals are still there and still look like nearly new. The plating on all the hardware is still in good condition and not heavily surface rusted.
It also still has the large factory plastic engine cover which seems to be missing on some of these so look at the engine photos of any other Crown Victoria's you might be interested in to see if it has this. If any don't have it, I would ask if any other parts might be missing.
The engine compartment is easily nice enough for local shows if you ever wanted to take it to one and display the engine etc.
My apologies for the long post but I thought it would be helpful for those that are not familiar with what the P71 Police Interceptor option means/is so I will just mention the major differences.
In general, it has more power and far quicker acceleration than the standard Crown Vic's which is partially due to the different gear ratio they have. It also has handles and corners far better than a standard Crown Victoria, plus it is built to take excessive abuse and will therefore outlast a standard model by a fair margin. The Crown Victoria's have been known to typically go over 350,000 miles with just basic routine maintenance are are used as Taxis in many areas because they run for so many miles.
REINFORCED FRAME - Not available on any other model.
DUAL EXHAUST - This is available on other models, however, it is very uncommon, plus the dual exhaust on other models has resonators to quiet the exhaust and these reduce power slightly . This system on other models is made from standard steel which will eventually rust out. The Police Interceptor system does not have resonators, plus, it is made from stainless steel so it will basically never go bad.
HIGH OUTPUT ALTERNATOR - Not available on other models. It puts out a whopping 130 amps at idle and 200 peak amps.
ENGINE OIL COOLER - Not available on other models. This cooler increases the life of the oil and the life of the engine.
TRANSMISSION OIL COOLER - Not available on other models. This cooler increases the life of the oil and the life of the transmission.
POWER STEERING COOLER - Not available as an option on the base model.
ALUMINUM DRIVESHAFT - Not available on other models. This increases the acceleration rate and top speed slightly.
TOP SPEED LIMITER - This is set to 135 mph. It is set to only 106 on all other models.
HIGH PERFORMANCE COMPUTER PROGRAM - Not available on other models. This provides more horsepower and slightly later and firmer transmission shifts.
TRANSMISSION - Upgraded parts not available on standard model.
DIFFERENTIAL RATIO - Both 3.27 and 3.55 were available for the Police Interceptor. Standard Crown Vic's have 2.80 and other ratios are not available for them.
ENGINE POWER - 250 HP @ 4900 RPM, 287 TQ @ 4100 RPM VS 224 HP @ 4800, 275 TQ @ 4000.
I encourage people to see and drive the car before bidding so they can see first hand how nice it looks and drives and and I am available to show it most anytime.
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