SR5 22R Rust Free Pickup Truck Lifted 33" BFG ARB Locker Snorkel Rock Crawler

  • Make: Toyota
  • Model: Hilux Straight Axle Classic 4x4 Short Bed
  • Type: Standard Cab Pickup
  • Year: 1985
  • Mileage: 234,400
  • VIN: JT4RN60R6F5093757
  • Color: BLUE
  • Engine size: 22R
  • Number of cylinders: 4
  • Power options: Air Conditioning, Power Locks
  • Fuel: Gasoline
  • Transmission: Manual
  • Drive type: 4WD
  • Interior color: Blue
  • Drive side: Left-hand drive
  • Options: 4-Wheel Drive, CD Player
  • Vehicle Title: Clear
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1985 Toyota Hilux Straight Axle Classic 4x4 Short Bed Description

THE HILUX:Rare super clean and exceptionally well maintained 100% rust free classic 1985 Toyota Hilux 4x4 SR5 regular cab pickup truck runs & drives as good as it looks with professionallyrefurbished 22R engine, new clutch and new hydraulics,factory cold AC converted to modern 134A freon, power steering, power brakes, and the last year for the highly desirable straight front live axle which includes a LockRite automatic locker, and a rear axle with selectable ARB air locker with compressor under hood, factory 4.10 gears, 3 inch body lift, new 33 inch BFG All Terrain radials, new street lock 15x8 steel rims, Safari Snorkel mated & waterproofed to a new genuine (made in Spain) Weber carburetor, featuring a new Viper alarm system withpower locks,Cobra 40 channel CB radio,plus modern Clarion CD sound system with amp driving Sony speakers.
RULES OF THE ROAD:If you have ZERO FEEDBACK (or less than 4 feedbacks) and are serious about this truck then before doing anything please be sure to call the number below during West Coast business hours so we can establish that you're not a squirrel.It won't take more than a couple minutes so please just do it as the last fellow we encountered with zero feedback was not only a squirrel but had an uncanny ability to say one thing and do another, leaving a trail of wasted time and auction wreckage.
This November will mark my 17th year selling on eBay. By and large eBay members are outstanding responsible people. But for some reason the lustful longing for beautiful classic vehicles, especially pristine trucks like this, brings impulsivos with no self control out of the woodwork. They appear not to understand or appreciate all the months of time, money and energy it costs to prepare a vintage truck for a venue like this so they start mindlessly clicking as if this public auction is some video game, wreaking havoc on complete strangers' lives without the ability to actually honor the terms they've initiated. If that kind of behavior reminds you of yourself then please feel free to read the description and study the pictures to your heart's content but for the love of common decency please do not click anything other than the CONTACT SELLER tab unless you have the means to pay per the terms below. Remember that to "Make an Offer" means if your offer is accepted it's the same as a winning bid or clicking BUY NOW.
HISTORY:This amazing truck was born in 1984 in a factory in Hamura, Japan. It was shipped on a huge freighter to Long Beach, California where it made it's way through the dealer network to Tucson, Arizona where it's lived ever since. Tucson, AZ happens to be the sole location where the US Air Force mothballs all their old aircraft because the air is so dry nothing can rust. If you were to scrape all the rust off this truck and weigh it you couldn't even get half an ounce. If you've never heard of the Air Force Graveyard in Tucson just Google it to see pics of miles and miles of your tax dollars squandered.
MECHANICALS:This truck features power steering, power front disc brakes, Cold AC, tilt steering column, tachometer with real gauges plus a smooth running 22R engine with smooth shifting 5 speed manual transmission, 2 speed gear driven transfer case with manual lockout hubs. Ithas been professionally gone through stem to stern. Anything mechanical that needed attention got it. Within the last 4,000 miles this truck has had professionally installed:
New timing chain and guides.New timing chain cover.Newly refurbished cylinder head.New head gasket.New head bolts.New water pump.New valve cover gasket.New front crank seal.New belts.New exhaust manifold gasket.New carb base gasket.New electric choke.New air filter.New fuel filter.New Denso spark plugs.New plug wires.New distributor cap & rotor.New 10w40 motor oil & filter.New gear oil in all 4 cases.New clutch disc, pressure plate, pilot bearing and throw out bearing.New clutch master cylinder and slave cylinder.Newly machined flywheel.New rear main crank seal.New transmission and t-case output shaft seals.New HVAC 134A freon conversion.New Weber 32/36 Progressive Carburetor.New front brake pads with turned rotors.Newly adjusted rear brakes.New ARB rear locker with compressor under hood.New front LockRite locker.New battery.
Comes with receipts documenting all the drive train work.
EXTERIOR ACCESSORIES:New Safari Snorkel complete custom cold air waterproof intake system.New Bushwhacker Fender flares.New 3 inch DayStar body lift.Newer 33x12.5x15 BFG All Terrain Radials with 90% tread.New 15x8 Pro Comp Street Lock steel wheels.New 2 inch billet wheel spacers with grade 10 studs.Newer Ranchoshocks on all 4 corners.Newer Rancho dual steering stabilizer dampeners.New Rock Slider step rails.New Prerunner bumper with off road lights.Newer Diamond plate 1/8" steel rear bumper with corner guards.
22R (2.4L) 4 CylinderLegendarily reliable numbers matching 22R runs like an industrial sewing machine.Starts every time with a click of key. No smoke, no knocks, no issues and absolutely no fluid leaks. Excellentoil pressure. Runs cool. Temp gauge never climbs past 50% even on 112 degree Arizona summer days with AC blowing cold. Engine is very torquey and powerful for the displacement. Drives smooth & comfortably down the highway at 80 mph or more.Engine builders have long admired howthese 22R blocks are famous for being hardened with more nickle content than old American muscle cars, plus these carbureted 22R engines, having no computer, are particularly desirable for Preppers worldwide because they are immune to the electro magnetic pulses of nuclear war. The Safari Snorkel system acts as a cold air intake to maximize power and features custom tubing and a seal to the top of the new genuine Weber progressive carburetor that makes it water tight.
5 SPEED MANUAL TRANSMISSION & GEAR DRIVEN TRANSFER CASE:Starting in 1984 Toyota improved their 5 speeds making them more robust with bigger bearings. This one has new output shaft seals, new clutch, pressure plate, throw out bearing, pilot bearing and newly resurfaced flywheel. Gear shifting through all the forward gears is smooth and easy. Occasionally shifting into reverse is a bit tight until you get used to it owing to tight rubber shifter boot.
2 speed top shift gear driven transfer case, one of the strongest humans have ever invented, operates precisely as designed, with new output shaft seal.
Factory Aisin manual lockout hubs plus all the 4x4 components work smoothly as designed. This is a Toyota after all. Their 4x4 reliability is legend.
4x4 STRAIGHT AXLE SUSPENSION, WHEELS & TIRES:33 x 12.5 x 15 BFG All Terrain Radials with 90% tread mounted on 15 x 8 black steel Street Lock simulated bead lock rims. 2 inch billet aircraft aluminum wheel spacers with grade 10 studs installed with LockTite. Wheels get the clearance they need from a 3 inch body lift. Suspension is still stock height with the addition of 4 new shocks and dual steering stabilizers. Truck is super tight with absolutely no rattles. Steering is tight with no wander.
DIFFERENTIALS:Both 8 inch factory differentials have the factory 4.10 gears with an ARB air locker in the rear and a LockRite automatic locker in the front. These 8 inch differentials are exceptionally strong. They routinely hold up to V8 power when owners complete bigger engine swaps. These Toyotas are one of the only 4x4's ever made with interchangeable front and rear differentials. It was a design copied from the Dodge 4x4 trucks of WWII which allowed soldiers with broken rear ends to swap them around in the field.
INTERIOR:The interior is clean. Everything works. The only things missing is the thin clear plastic dome light cover (which is part of the rear view mirror) and the sun visors which were left off after a new head liner was installed. It has the vent windows from the factory for nice fresh air flow in the cockpit.The modern Clarion CD deck has an amp mounted behind driver's seat pushing through Sony speakers which sound great. There's a Cobra 40 channel CB radio with removable antenna out back. The AC blows nice and cold despite the center vents being eliminated by the CB. There are 2 important toggle switches to the right of the CB receiver. The top one operates the off road lights on the front Prerunner bumper. The bottom one sends power to the blower motor which then uses the factory climate control switch to adjust speed of fan. The ARB locker switches are to the left of the steering column and light up when the lights are on.
SR5 dash features tachometer, oil pressure gauge, temp gauge and volts. The heater blows hot. A Grant GT steering wheel with horn button was added but the horn doesn't work. The factory carpet has almost no wear under the new gray rubber floor mats. There is some heat cracking of the stock plastic dash underneath the dash carpet. A custom center console was added that creates lots of extra storage. The door panels were redone with a cammo cloth fabric. There is a Viper alarm system that features power door locks along with notification. It comes with 2 remotes. Factory bottle jack with tools stowed behind driver's seat.
Original rust free Arizona Desert truck. You couldn't scrape a half ounce of rust off this truck. Stock catalytic converter is in place and stock muffler is quiet. A full size matching 33" BFG spare is stowed under the bed in factory location. Truck's never been wrecked or even wheeled off road in any significant way. It was re-painted once once in 2007 after a parking lot incident bent the right rear corner of the flimsy stock rear bumper. A new heavy duty 1/8" thick steel rear bumper was subsequently fitted. The only body filler ever used is a few inches on the rounded tip of the right rear lower corner of the bed by the rear bumper end shown in the last picture as a result of that bumper bender. The factory color paint, while still really good looking, has a spot with some cracking on the hood, plus multiple scratches on the tailgate, and some fading around the rear window glass because the paint was done with a camper shell in place. The previous owner inexplicably installed some jerry can holders and a high lift jack mount on the outside of the bed sides so there are 12 small drill holes on driver's side of the bed and 4 on passenger shown in pictures. A pair of rock slider step rails were added along the way as well as a Prerunner front bumper with a pair of working off road lights. Finally 4 Bushwhacker Fender Flares were professionally installed.
INSURANCE:This truck is eligible for historic plates in any State. That also mean it's eligible for Collector Car insurance from outfits like Grundy Worldwide or Haggerty which only costs $13 per month for a $13,000 full coverage policy. That's right, a full coverage $13,000 policy is only $13 per month and emissions are forever waived. I repeat. Collector Car Insurance means no more emissions and a cheap monthly nut on full coverage insurance.
There's several reasons that these Toyota trucks are so legendary worldwide. It's no accident that no matter what part of the world you look at whenever you see news footage of a guerrilla fighter soldier with an AK47 in the back of a pickup it's always a Toyota. That's because Toyota truck reliability is 2nd to none. It's what 3rd World soldiers count on. That's why Toyota is the only import vehicle ever allowed to compete in NASCAR racing.
Unlike American vehicles, every Toyota truck from this era comes with a fully boxed steel frame. Not only is the frame boxed, meaning super strong, but also every nut, bolt and fastener is fine machine threaded, while virtually every American vehicle has coarse threads throughout and a C-channel frame with only the engine and transmissions having fine machine threads. Except for some exceptional rare American vehicles, like Early Ford Broncos and some Jeeps with fully boxed frames, nobody in the USA constructed 4x4's with as much engineering integrity as Toyota.
Clean and clear Arizona title is notarized and ready to go.
INVESTMENT:These Toyota Hilux, especially the 1985, which was the last year of the straight live axle mini truck in North America, only go up in value even while you drive them, providing one of the best investments in the automotive world today. Fact is there will never be another made like them. They are 1 off legends and there's not another truck like this on the planet except maybe in some museum or fancy private collection. If not now then soon enough it'll be a bargain at twice the price. For example, rust free straight axle SR5 trucks like this sell routinely for $8 to $12k on eBay with no mention of maintenance. Just a timing chain and clutch call for 18 hours labor per All Data's labor guide which costs around $1900 with parts. A new Weber carb is $450 installed. The lockers in this truck cost $1800 installed. The wheels and tires $1300 installed. A body lift with new shocks and dampener is about $1000 installed. The Safari Snorkel system was $600 installed. Bushwhacker flares are $600 installed. Rock rails are $250 installed. Prerunner bumper with lights was $250 installed. The rear HD bumper was $250 installed. Then imagine the cost of a custom interior and everything in it like you have here and the continued appreciation of your investment starts to make sense.
CONTACT:Email 24/7 through eBay or Call 52O-Nine 77-O112 during PST business hours for any questions prior to clicking.
FEEDBACK:For those new to eBay and nervous about buying a vehicle over the internet just remember that, as mentioned at the outset, I've been selling classic early Broncos and antique Toyotas plus vintage parts on eBay for 17 years. Some 15 years ago I happened to sell a truck to an eBay seller who runs a large scale pawn shop in Philadelphia with over 100,000 feedbacks and he taught me this simple eBay rule of thumb. Every positive feedback is worth about a dollar of trust. That means if you're buying something for $500 then ideally the seller will have at least 500 positive feedbacks. This is just an ideal rule of thumb mind you. It's not etched in stone. So if there's somebody's selling a $12,000 vehicle with only 32 positive feedbacks you should be leery. Doesn't mean it's not legit, it's just that there's not much track record. By contrast if a seller's asking $12k for a vehicle and has more than 12k positive feedbacks like myself, well then you can rest easier for you can ask yourself why would they risk throwing away their decades old hard earned feedback reputation for $12k when there's millions in potential sales on the line? The answer is they wouldn't.
IMPORTANT AUCTION TERMS. PLEASE READ CAREFULLY.Note that per eBay Terms of Service (TOS) that you agreed to when registering "your winning bid constitutes a legally binding contract for sale" so please don't start clicking if you're not completely serious and committed to buy, meaning, be sure you have wife's permission and funds in position to honor terms below. Please make sure the phone number and address you have registered with eBay is current and if you're planning to use PayPal for the deposit that you have liquid funds ready to go that are not in the form of an E-Check which takes 4 days to clear, in other words, be a responsible bidder whose got their act together and doesn't have a bunch of "dog ate my homework" excuses after the fact. Another option for deposit payment to request a Square invoice. is that service everybody's seen where you can swipe a card on a smart phone. Well Square vendors like me can also email you a Square invoice so you can pay with any card by clicking the link I email you which is processed on their website so everything is secure.
Inspection prior to bidding or buying is not only welcome but encouraged.
A non-refundable deposit of $1000 either viaonline PayPal or Square payment orcard over phone through Square is due within 24 hours of auction close.
Full balance of Payment is due within 72 hours of auction close by either direct bank to bank wire transfer, or you can overnight envelope a Cashiers Check, or pay cash in person, or pay with PayPal or Square online or a card over the phone so long as buyer is willing to pay the transaction fees which is about 2.75% over and above the sale price.
All shipping arrangements and fees are the responsibility of the buyer. The truck is about 75 inches tall from the ground to the top of the roof. Figure shipping any vehicle East of the Mississippi is about $900. West is considerably less. We will store the truck free for 21 days after sale. There is a $15 per day storage fee thereafter unless an agreement between buyer and seller has been pre-dickered.