1994 GMC Safari XT AWD Passenger Van with ONLY 69K ORIGINAL ACTUAL MILES! CLEAN!

  • Condition: Used
  • Make: GMC
  • Model: Safari
  • Year: 1994
  • Mileage: 69,983
  • VIN: 1GKEL19W1RB554082
  • Vehicle Title: Clear
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1994 GMC Safari Description

This amazing van really DOES look just like new, and the pretty red interior also looks just like new, too! In fact, I just had it cleaned by a professional carpet cleaner, who cleaned it thoroughly with a heavy-duty truck-mounted carpet cleaning system. These photos speak for themselves! This vehicle was always garaged and looks like it! Comfortable padded fabric seats show absolutely NO signs of wear, and are still just as firm as new. Super comfortable seating! Carpeting is also still very clean. No stains, and no bad smells, either! No dents or damage. (Just one VERY small dent directly above the driver's side rear taillight, BARELY noticeable, you probably can't even see it in the photos!) AWD stands for All Wheel Drive! Exterior paint is overall excellent, only a very very few TINY little nicks, too small to see in the photos! Bumpers are truly like new, very shiny and chromy, with no dents and NO rust! All doors open and close perfectly with no issues. Rear seat easily folds down if you need more storage space inside. Power windows are in working condition. Also has power door locks. Rear windshield wiper, rear defogger, and rear hatch lock release, all these controls are on the lower dash to the left of the steering wheel. Windshield and all other glass is still in excellent condition. Tires are still in like new condition. Working air conditioning, working heater, working CD player/receiver/stereo. (There are two units - a Kenwood stereo cassette receiver in dash, and a Kenwood CD changer player under passenger seat.) Comes with the manuals for both Kenwood units. All lights are working, inside and out. Anti-theft system was professionally installed. Working power lift professionally installed in rear cabin, still in perfect condition, to lift handicap scooters or other heavy items with ease. This is a VERY simple and VERY easy to use 'up and down' mechanism. Unit is easily moved out of the way if you need to load anything inside and can then easily be re-secured. This unit is also in like new condition and comes with the operator's manual. In addition, for older or disabled individuals, I noticed that when I picked up my older Mother, that the interior handle by the passenger door made it much easier for her to get in and out of the van! There is also a handle for getting in and out of the rear side door for the rear bench seat as well. The low clearance of this van makes it much easier for disabled/older people to get in and out. I just got a MAJOR tune-up done on this van, which cost about $500, at a top-rated local auto repair shop which has been around for years and is rated with a PERFECT five stars online. (A major tune-up is much more extensive than your average minor tuneup that most people do, and it covers MANY parts that were replaced with NEW NAPA parts.) I will supply the buyer with a THICK file folder that is just FULL of repair and maintenance receipts, going back for most of the history of this van, and in fact, this was mostly Chevrolet dealer serviced! Original owner's manual still in glove box. Yes I have a clean title in my name, as the sole owner of this van. No surprises, promise! Recent emissions test will be given to the buyer, if you need that in your state, and yes, it passed the test perfectly. This IS a very well-taken-care-of vehicle! This van always starts right up, drives and handles fine, accelerates and brakes just fine too, and really, there is not one issue to tell you about, except FULL DISCLOSURE: Once you start up the van and start to accelerate, and also when you come to a complete stop, you may hear a slight 'thump' sound from underneath the van, and it actually sounds as if it's coming from directly under the driver's seat. I DID have it checked out by this same top-rated auto repair facility that did the major tune-up, and as I just said, they are actually rated with a perfect 5-stars online here in Denver. (A perfect rating for a repair shop is a VERY RARE thing!) They spent MANY hours among the boss and several long-term employees, and they looked the entire van over from front to back, including front suspension, brakes, and wherever else they could think to check, and they could NOT identify any specific cause for this minor sound, or in fact anything that was mechanically out of order at all. In fact, the brakes are in excellent condition with just about all near new parts, and the suspension checks out fine as well. They said with confidence that the vehicle is totally safe and they could not find anything at all that needed repair. Not even a leak. Nothing at all. But, I am letting you know about this single issue, in advance, as I want the buyer to be aware of it. Oh, and WHY am I selling this van? Because I restore furniture and in fact I simply need a much larger cargo van, with much more space to load larger pieces of furniture. Of course there's a chance you may have further questions about this van, so feel free to ask, and also please don't wait til the end of the auction to ask, so that I'll have a chance to answer! And, please don't ask me to cancel the auction early or offer a lower price, that's not fair to others following the auction. Thanks for understanding. This is actually a 10-day auction, so please WATCH THE CLOCK so you don't miss out! Finally, YES, I will say that I do believe you can drive this anywhere with no issues, or, drive it back home to where-ever that may be, and in fact, this has been a regular daily driver vehicle for me, and I just drove it up to the mountains and back a few weeks ago, and had a very nice trip! Please note I have a PERFECT feedback rating of 100%!!!, that's over 500 positives with ALL very positive feedback! (Feel free to check and take a look at some of them!) So, you can bid with confidence! Thank you!